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A pretty rough weekend for Elk Grove, but one that created a few heroes in the two female Elk Grove deputies who faced down the maniac who had just shot randomly at several people and put an end to his spree. Who’s up for a Tuesday morning RIGHT ON!!?

Jon Johnson

Unfortunately this sick twist to an otherwise peaceful Laguna Blvd evening created another tragic story in the murder of John Johnson, the local photojournalist who was shot and killed while out on a date with his wife. Sounds like an all-around good man, with a passion for helping orphans, especially those in the Gulf Coast region, through his work with the charity group Assist One Foundation. He was planning a trip to Africa later in the year to work on a film about AIDS orphans there. RIP

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  1. This is a horrible tragedy, and KFBK crossed the tastefulness line by broadcasting a phone call with Mr. Johnson’s sister when she had just found out about her brother’s slaying. It was horrifically emotional and almost made me sick to my stomach. Nobody’s most personal moments like that should ever be broadcasted. I realize they’re in it for the ratings, and they receive consent before putting someone on the air. However, with a tragedy like this, why can’t we just let the families grieve privately? Maybe it does send a message of how horrible this situation is, but it just makes me think of that Don Henley “Dirty Laundry” song talking about the newscaster having a gleam in her eye when talking about a plane crash. That poor family.


  2. Oh My!


    A shooting that results in a death happens in Elk Grove and all the sudden people in Sacramento stand up and take notice.

    What a joke. It is a unfortunate and tragic that a man lost his life in Elk Grove this past weekend and I sympathize with his family.

    Thats where my empathy with Sacramento Media and those that support them ends.

    Here, in my neck of the woods since the 1st of the new year 2006 14 people have died from causes determined to be HOMICIDE.

    Sure you may hear a sound bite on KFBK or KSTE and maybe see something on FOX 40….if your lucky.

    My neck of the woods seems to get media splash when people like Oprah, or the late Peter Jennings visit. Seems that no one, including local government really has a grasp on day to day life here.

    Here is Oak Park.

    I wonder how folks in Elk Grove feel?


  3. And, before anyone poses this question-

    I paid in excess of 390K for my home, as all of my neighbors.

    This is not a problem rooted in socio-economic status.

    We are rooted in old politico’s who have towed the line for too many years.

    Fargo is a FRAUD.

    (I am bitter right now, so please do not pass me off as a hater…I am just an advocate.)



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