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I am usually the last to know when it comes to personnel changes at local news stations. As such, I’d like to solicit the help of you, the finger on the pulse of all things Sacramento, Sac Rag reader.

What happened to Elissa Lynn over at News 10? And when did Patty Souza jump ship from KCRA to News 10? Or did Elissa Lynn even leave? I’m seeing her bio still on the site, but she is not mentioned in Patty’s shout out to her team at News 10 (“Our weather department at News10 has a talented group of people, and I can’t say enough good things about Monica, Darla, Gregg and Harry“). Not to mention her mug is noticeably absent from the team photo.

From the Q & A with Patty:

Why did you want to come to News10?
News10 caught my attention because of the way the people there are connected to the community and care about the people that live here. You hear the slogan “committed to news and connected to the community”….but it’s totally true.

Can I take that as subtle dig at KCRA? Or is it simply news lingo for “I got fired and News10 offered me a job so here I am”?

And where did Paul and Jen go?

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18 thoughts on “Channel changing”

  1. Yeah, sac-eats, I know. You’re somewhat of a wordsmith, why don’t you write a post about their departure? I’m sure people want to know. I could be wrong, call it a hunch…


  2. Patty’s contract at KCRA expired just as Elissa was let go from KXTV. The evening shift is more prestigious (read: more money), and Patty was quite literally tired of waking up at 3 A.M. every day, so it absolutely made sense for her to jump at the opportunity.

    As for the “committed and connected” comment? I bet was scripted by the News10 promotions department!


  3. Elissa wasn’t let go; she asked to leave and did so on very good terms with the station. It was a perfect opportunity for Patty who had to suffer through egos and personality conflicts on the morning shift at 3. As for Paul and Jen — where have you all been?


  4. What up T, thanks for the 411. With P and T throwin out mad knowledge up in here, it’s almost like having actual members of the local media at our disposal!


  5. “What happened to Elissa Lynn over at News 10? And when did Patty Souza jump ship from KCRA to News 10?”

    In less than two days both questions asked AND answered.

    I’m with C (ooldmz), nice work, Sacramento.


  6. I am glad to see Patty on another station, you could see and almost feel the tention between her and the morning female anchor. i don’t know why she didn’t leave earlier.


  7. I have been looking for Patty Souza for a long time. I really don’t apreciate people leaving networks and no one announcing where they have gone. Now that I know where she is supposed to be I still keep missing her. When is exactly is she on the program. W


  8. For Cecilia: Patty Souza does the weather weekday evenings. For everyone or anyone who might know: Where is Elissa Lynn now? Frankly, I find it unlikely that News 10 would just “let her go.” Heck, Elissa was the face of News 10 weather, not to mention being the best qualified, most informative, easiest to watch and understand weather reporter-forecaster in Sacto. And Elissa’s community service and personal involvement in the Sacto community gave Channel 10 the kind of publicity that money can’t buy. They’d have to be nuts to let her go.


  9. What happened to Elissa Lynn? and where is she now? I like Patty Souza very much but have wondered where Elissa is. I liked her too.


  10. I saw an article in the SF Chronicle today, which referred to Elissa Lynn as “Senior Meteorologist for the California Department of Water Resources.” See the link above…


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