DIY Morning Shows

I caught some of Good Day Sacramento this morning. It’s a train wreck. Not sure if that is the intent, but it’s sort of slapped together with little to no production value as if they are literally making this stuff up as they go.

For example, Nick threw it to UPN 31’s “tech” guru (I forget her name already) who was going to walk the viewers through the new “Gas Watch” section of their website which includes a map of local gas prices (a la This was a painful process. Watching her fumble about the site trying to find an actual reported gas price (and if she did, it was 5 or more days old) was brutal. So much so that a few of us at the gym watching this on our individual treadmill monitors changed channels almost simultaneously. Then Mark S. comes on with that silly haircut to talk about the new September 11, 2001 movie, which really didn’t work. Hard to talk about something so serious while trying to blow your overgrown, highlighted bangs out of your face.

And yes, Scooter, I know, I know, there’s a method to his madness…

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61 thoughts on “DIY Morning Shows”

  1. uh, uh, ok, AlongagoFriend, sure, whatever you say.

    suggestion: put a little emotion in your writing, I think your message would come across much better.

    Reader’s note: we are only 7 days away from the one year anniversary of this post.


  2. 365 days and still going strong! Way to go, Sacramento. Your strange, obsessive knowledge of the cast of Good Day Sacramento continues to impress.

    I say we target the two gals that host the morning news on Fox 40 next. They are ripe for the slander!


  3. Hey, if we go after anyone, it’s gotta be Dave and Lois. Sacramento has to be the only news market with its own geriatric husband & wife news team.


  4. Bret, you are ridiculous and not very funny, I might add. Maybe Nick is just meant to be a lifetime bachelor or maybe he just hasn’t met “the one” yet. That certainly doesn’t mean he’s gay, that’s an utterly stupid statement.

    And for those of you who were worried about Abbott Dutton, don’t! I spoke to her the other day and she is working for a bay area radio station and gets to work from home, she’s loving it! She can stay in her jammies all day if she wants. Getting canned from GDS is the best thing that could ave happened to her.


  5. If Nick is gay I would suggest all straight single tail chasing men in Sacramento take notes on his techniques. One year for the posts and the branches are being shaken today that will spell the demise of the whole enchilada. There are several unhappy at the moment but probably on top for now is Michelle Kane….not Virginia Tech angry but getting close…… word…two syllables for West Sac…..Kevlar
    Ohhhh Abbott is happy??????????? wow roll press
    that is truely rich!


  6. I think Nick is sexy. I’d love to see he and Doug have man on man time. Wonder why kind of underwear they each wear? Doug – probably boxer briefs, Nick probably boxers.


  7. Bonzo, seriously…Michelle is one of the happiest people around.

    And yes, Abbott is happy too, go ahead and print that!


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