Choosing Our Lot in Life: Part II

Although not quite as bad as these, guests of the Radisson Hotel risk life and limb when parking their cars, as their overflow lot is across the street with a blind curve near freeway entrances and exits.

UPDATE: Includes map…

Many of us attend a variety of “rubber chicken” events for work at hotels like the Radisson (“rubber chicken” being what’s served, invariably along with rice pilaf, steamed vegetables, and cheesecake that’s still slightly frozen in the middle) — be they nonprofit fundraisers, awards luncheons, or training sessions. Until the Sheraton opened, the Radisson was the only major unionized hotel in town, and many elected officials will only attend functions at union shops. So, the Radisson has seen a lot of action over the years, and you’d think they’d put in a crosswalk and warning signs, extra lighting in that area, or even a stoplight that would be activated before and after large events.

Rather, pedestrians crane their necks to see if cars are speeding around the blind curve, then sprint as best they can across the street — all the while avoiding the cars going into and out of the only driveway to the hotel.

So, dear readers, take heed the warning should you find yourself at the Radisson. My tip? Drive all the way around to the back of the hotel — past the point where you’re backing up to the Costco, and keep going back back back, taking every major left turn. This will place you in a safe spot, and you’ll be near the side entrance to the main ballroom. It may take an extra five minutes, but it MAY JUST SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!! (cue doomsday-type music, fade to black.)

Here is a map.

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  1. That section of the bike trail isn’t the safest — there have been numerous assaults against bicyclists and pedestrians, so don’t go it alone (this is true from the 0 mile point to about the 6 mile mark.) Props to CoolDMZ for formulating the map of the area and showing the entrance and suggested parking area.


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