Not *quite* as good as the chimichanga on the chandelier

OK, this is not meant to get the fur flying on who’s right/who’s wrong when it comes to animals. I think we can all agree that lots of animals in not a lot of space = not a good thing.

The real question about the SPCA’s plight is how this woman was actually related (or not) to the late, great Gregory Peck?

While you ponder that, clean out your linen closet and kindly deliver any towels, blankets, or any other accoutrement you think would lend some creature comfort to our critter friends.

Perhaps the most awesome sign in the region?

I don’t often find myself out in the greater Madison and San Juan area, but on a recent trip, I drove past this, gasped so hard it required a huff on my Albuterol, and pulled a quick and highly illegal u-turn. I challenge the SacRagians to find a more awesome sign than this one in the 916.

Email sign photos to for consideration for some sort of fantastic prize.

How to find a job, part II

Things are still tough all over for a lot of folks, and I’ve (fortunately) been in hiring mode in recent weeks. Following up on last November’s post, here are some tips from an employer’s perspective. The bottom line is to make yourself stand out in only the good ways, minimize any potential embarrassing or awkward moments, and follow through.

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How can the folks at Bonney Plumbing live with themselves, knowing their new radio jingle COMPLETELY rips off the old Sacramento vanilla_ice-to_the_extreme_album_coverUnion one?

No long-term Sacramentan could ever forget the Union’s “Four forty-four fifty five five five. That’s the number for the classified!” Fast forward a couple of decades, and now Bonney is singing the “four forty-four” tune. That is SO not cool.

This might go down in the annals as one of the landmark copyright cases. I’m just reminded so much of that Vh1 interview of Vanilla Ice explaining that “Ice Ice Baby” has one more quarter note (actually, I think it’s a hemidemisemiquaver) than Queen’s “Under Pressure.” And I quoth, “See Queen’s is din din din dindindindin, and mine is din din din dindindindin ch.” (The “ch” is the high hat — you know, with the souped up tempo. I’m on a roll; it’s time to go solo.)

Note to Mr. and Mrs. Bonney (who seem like lovely people, by the way): Just don’t touch the old “GET IT NOW! AT FLORIN ROAD TOYOTA” with the entire staff singing along, and we’ll be fine.

Leave the kid alone

I’m all for civic pride, but come on people.

You can continue to badger Dustin Pedroia if you:

  • Have never made a disparaging remark about the place where you grew up and how eager you were to leave
  • Have never made an offhand remark when you were young (or even not so young) that you wish you could take back
  • Have never thought that someone’s words could be taken out of context or interpreted differently when retold by a different person
  • Think that a 25 year old who earned the American League Rookie of the Year and American League MVP titles, who is making millions, and who is living in one of America’s most wicked cool cities wouldn’t draw comparisons to his current situation vs. where he was raised

Just chill, or else this person might make a new video (warning: salty language!)

Request to radio traffic reporters

As I’m driving around, slightly zoned out (but not so zoned out to be a danger to myself or society), the traffic reports are usually the same, so I don’t pay too much attention.

There are, however, instances where a reporter will give information on a major accident or hazard that is sure to clog up the roads for some time, and the reporter rarely repeats where this incident is located. He or she will just say, “So stay clear of THAT area!” and move on with the rest of the scoop from the (insert sponsor’s name here) traffic center.

All I ask is that they simply wrap it up by saying, “Again, that’s on northbound Watt near Folsom” or wherever the incident is.  I find myself having a DVR reflex, like I’m reaching for a phantom remote to hit the back-up-15-seconds button to hear the location. Alas, there is no such technology in my rig.

Am I just being picky?