Dude, don’t spam your mom

Sacramento’s other major daily online newsource (aside from the Sac Rag, of course) published a useful tip for Mother’s Day. The Sac Bee warns us today about subjecting our moms to spam:

According to McAfee SiteAdvisor, a unit of antivirus company McAfee Inc., at least 10 sites that offer greeting cards, silly poems or other light-hearted material can flood the sender’s inbox with spam. For instance, signing up at one joke Web site resulted in more than 1,000 spammy e-mails a week for McAfee’s testers.

Of the 10 sites that McAfee warns against, five are high-volume spammers and five others install unwanted software like spyware or viruses, Keats said.

A list of those sites can be found at http://blog.siteadvisor.com.

If you want to show Mom how much you care, McAfee recommends Hallmark.com, 123greetings.com, WorldWildlife.org and AmericanGreetings.com as sites that offer quality cards without a side order of spam.

A nice recommendation for those of us who care to send the very least for Mother’s Day.

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