Sushi on Aisle 3

Because someone, not sure who anymore, requested it, here’s a quick rundown on all of the grocery store sushi I’ve consumed in the last 4 weeks.
Nugget- Various selections of pre-packaged sushi, all small rolls or shrimp and/or eel ngiri. I went for the spicy combo with spicy tuna, California and unagi rolls. Not bad tasting and well worth the $4 price tag.
Safeway- Hmmmmm, same selection, looks like SW and Nugget buy from the same distributor.
Bel Air- Same selection, see item 1.
Raley’s- See previous selection.
Ralph’s- Oh come on, this is getting silly.
Whole Foods- I hat those assholes; I’m not shopping at their market anymore.
So, it appears that all of the supermarket sushi in town is rolled and packaged by the same company somewhere in the Inland Empire with one of those made up sounding Spanish names like Rancho Santa Dominguez Enchilada Hills or something. I guess it’s all the same no matter where you go. So don’t be choosy. Just grab-n-go and try not to imagine some poor illegal immigrant putting together sushi in East LA for $2 an hour. Instead, think of the poor Chinese laborer who has to works for pennies a day trying to fit a thimble full of soy sauce into those small ketchup sized packets. Eat wisely, my friends.

2 thoughts on “Sushi on Aisle 3”

  1. In the first place, why bother to review if you aren’t going to say anything? And why bother to review supermarket sushi at all? It’s not sushi, not by a long shot.

    Second … Whole Foods at least makes theirs on site, fresh, and even includes varieties with brown rice. Their handroll isn’t half bad.

    But then, I’m a WF’s junkie. I’m there a couple times a day, most days. The produce and meats are without peer, the staff well-informed and helpful and the take-out is incredible. Plus, sitting on the patio is a great place to people-watch. Only thing you can hit them on is price, and … well, you get what you pay for. You want hydrogenated fats, transfats and corn-syrup-sweetened crap food, any supermarket will do, I suppose.

    Me, I choose otherwise, and hope WF’s success will inspire a better selection in other supermarkets, and counteract the Wal-Mart push to the bottom in all things retail.


  2. I’m sorry FP. My main thrust was not to actually give a full culinary telling of the delicacies to be found at your local deli counter, but rather to subtly comment (perhaps too subtly?) on the strange monopolistic hold that some California company has on a fringe item like grocery store sushi. If it were truly my intent to disclose the wonders of the land and sea contained in a store bought California roll, I could have spent pages. Alas, I thought the oddity of this economic power grab would be of more interest to readers. And as to why I hate Whole Foods:


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