Tale of Two Sushi’s

Just ate at Taro’s this week, the hip Mikuni outlet at Arden Fair. It lived up to expectations, and those expectations were that it would be almost exactly like the other Mikuni outlets. I was not mistaken. Except for a few quirky menu additions, including a few dessert options that I’ll have to try on my next visit, and a few high-priced rolls that include such items as CA caviar, beluga and a 2 karat diamond, the menu is fairly familiar and pretty accessible. I had a fantastic sea steak salad and tuna ngiri with chopped jalapenos. My one complaint was that even though the main dining area had plenty of open tables, the hostess insisted on sitting us at a high-top bar table where the setting sun was coming through the windows like some Buck Rogers death laser.
Good food, fun ambience, mediocre service.

Taka’s sushi on 18th and S has closed and is looking for a new location. According to the Bee, arguments with the landlord peaked and they shut the whole operation down for the time being. If you ask me, it probably also had something to do with the comically large amount of roe that was included with almost every signature roll.
We’ll probably be seeing Taka’s reopen closer to midtown, but some might say that area is a little super-saturated with sushi already.

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  1. Just went to Taro’s for the first time a week ago. Your assessment is right on the money. Liked the place, but wish we still had Max’s Opera Cafe SOMEWHERE. Sometime’s a person just needs some corned beef on rye and a dill pickle. (Any suggestions, aside from jumping Jet Blue for Manhattan?)

    Haven’t had any found any place I like better than Kru for sushi, at least not since Michael Teng, the bad boy of sushi (formerly of Mikuni and Nishiki) closed his WowSushi dream and went into real estate.


  2. Last I checked (and it was a while ago) Espanol Italian restaurant at 57th and Folsom serves corned beef and cabbage (but not on rye) on Thursdays. They serve until they run out, and they usually run out at lunch time, so be forewarned. Also, the crowd at Espanol is…ahem… like a high-stakes 6:00 AM retirement home bingo game.


  3. The one great item that Max’s had that I miss was their chopped chicken liver sandwich on rye. That was a one-of-a-kind.


  4. For anyone who’s been morbidly curious to try Arigato (Howe & Arden, next to Utrecht Art Supply) for their 50% off all rolls at lunch and dinner, here’s my quickie review from about 10 minutes ago:

    Anyone who works in any kind of manufacturing, engineering, construction, or service industry can tell you that you can have up to two of these three attributes to your end product:

    – it can be inexpensive
    – you can get it quickly
    – it will be top quality

    You can score at least one of these factors, and you’re lucky if you get two. Scoring high on all three factors is nearly impossible. I’m using this scale to rate sushi from now on, and Arigato ranks high on the “inexpensive” scale and medium on the quick scale. For the quality scale, it satiates your craving if you NEED sushi, but if you’re willing to part with more money, go to Tokyo Fro’s. If you’re willing to part with more time, go to Zen Toro.


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