Rah Rah Hall!!

In researching the below “beat the heat” post, I came across info about the city swim league and it brought back a wave of nostalgia for my days as a Glenn Hall River Rat. There seems to have been some contraction in the City’s recreational swim league since those days. Apparently now there are only 6 teams–Glenn Hall, Clunie, Oki/Sim, and then 3 conglomerates of Cabrillo/Mangan/Meadowview/Kennedy, Tahoe/McClatchy/Johnson/Southside and Doyle/Johnston/Natomas.

I do remember a Cabrillo/Mangan/Sim combo team, but I also distinctly remember teams existing at Southside, Doyle, Oki, and Tahoe. (Of course, since almost all of the older pool facilities look identical I might be misremembering.)

What gives? Am I just not remembering things correctly? Are kids not as into the timeless sport of swimming as they used to be? Are the parks becoming that unsafe? Any swimmers from the late 80s out there to shed some light? Any of my Glenn Hall chums out there? Mike C? WIllie? Tory? What up 92 River Rats!! Ah, nostalgia. I love this town.

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  1. Maybe they go more for private clubs than public pools? The club where I go (Del Norte) is an absolute *zoo* on swim meet days. My niece and nephew are both really big into competitive swimming, also with a private club.

    But like you, I remember the public pools with much fondness. Never swam competitively, but used to love riding my bike to McKinley in the summer at the Clunie pool (and if I wasn’t swimming, the library was a cool place to hang, too — and I mean that quite literally). I learned to swim at the downtown YMCA, on W Street. I can still hear Mr. Lee …


  2. As someone who could never make it past the “advanced beginner” swim lesson course, I was ridiculed, taunted, and teased by the cooler kids at the Auburn Rec Pool & not just because my mom sewed my bathing suit for me. I’m going to go call our Employee Assistance Program right now to slay these childhood memory demons.

    Any tips for someone who just sinks to the bottom of the pool no matter how much I kick and paddle?


  3. I believe the contraction was for two reasons:

    1) some of the teams saw a decrease in participation – which may or may not have something to do with the demographics of the neighborhoods – so to make the teams more competitive they consolidated pools into core teams

    2) the meet schedule needed to be consolidated for scheduling purposes (too many teams, too few weekends) and for the slightly more technical reason that some of the pools were not sized properly (this created some weirdness when swim times were being compared for the heats during finals) and only some of the bigger pools met the specs required.

    My kid has been swimming for about eight years now on the clunie team and I’ve seen some expansion and contraction in terms of participation, but for the most part it seems more popular than ever (mostly with younger kids – older kids drop out regularly).


  4. I hear you on pool size. Us River Rats used to catch such heckfire because Glenn Hall is only like 17 meters wide (same as all the other pools). I always figured for finals everybody swam the same pool so it didn’t matter. Those Doyle jerks were such jerks!!


  5. Finals are all about heats and who’s in what lane. You always hear about crazy sports parents, but swimmer kids, and I’m talking all ages here, get VERY competitive and emotional about finals. It can be scary watching a 9 year old spit nails over a bad lane.

    Anyway – doyle is a bunch of jerks – some things never change – and thanks for cleaning up my mess.


  6. oh and by the way, i did do a season on Clunie but i couldn’t remember their mascot. Sharks? Manta Rays?


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