K Street proposals offered tonight

If this was a comic book, I would read it

Separate articles on LivingInUrbanSac and by William Burg on Sacramento Press highlight the proposals being submitted tonight to the City Council for the 700 and 800 block of K Street. An ambitious face lift is being proposed by 4 different groups.

This is an area that I am interested in enough to read up on the proposals. I have always loved the K Street Mall and I would love to simply see it back to what I remember, much less something along the lines of these proposals. I suppose my vision would be closest to Proposal 3 by D&S Development and CFY Development; this proposal aims to “preserve the historic fabric” of the block by retaining the existing facades. Proposal 2 by David Taylor/CIM Group/Domus Development/Zeiden Properties, which is probably the most likely to be chosen, also looks like the most boring. Thing. Of all time.

What say you, crowd?

The California Automobile Museum

TESLA Motors Roadster electric vehicle sports car EV
Tesla girls, Tesla girls

I had occasion to visit the California Automobile Museum (formerly The Towe Auto Museum) this weekend and boy was I impressed. I’ve never been much of a “car guy” but I appreciate a sweet ride when I see it. The inventory is quite remarkable and with the new “Born to Ride” exhibit showcasing the evolution of motorcycles you get quite a bang for your buck ($7 for adults with an AAA card). I enjoyed the “Going Green” exhibit as well and got my first look at a Tesla Roadster which will be up for auction on January 22, 2010.

Check out the fact sheet for more details or visit them on Facebook or Twitter. Great reviews on Yelp, too.

It’s a bit tricky to get to with downtown construction (link to Google map), but there was plenty of free parking once I got there. They also participate in Sacramento Museum Day (free admission!) which will be held on February 6, 2010.

Waxing nostalgic

In the early days of this here web log, I wrote about former Grant High football star Onterrio Smith’s infamous run-in with the “Whizzinator” which is used to beat drug tests.

Well, it’s more than four years later and I came across this article on news10.net earlier today and I had to share (yes, I know Fox40 covered it before it happened, and yet I still press on, crazy, huh?)…

Former NFL player and Grant High School star Onterrio Smith was arrested Wednesday night in Truckee on an outstanding drug possession warrant, according to the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department.

Just when you think you’re out, they PULL you back in.


My favorite closed-up businesses

All of us who have lived here for any length of time (even 6 months) have had a favorite business close its doors, leaving a big hole in our routine. I’ve been a resident since 1982 so I’ve got my fair share. I’ve already mentioned Franke’s and Sidewalk Pizza, and I could probably list several dozen but the following 3 have been on my mind recently, so here goes my list of favorite businesses that are no longer among the living…

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“Cable’s Comment” makes a comeback!

In case you missed this last week, CBS13’s Chris Burrous invited legendary News10 anchor Dick Cable to co-anchor the 9am edition of GDS. Cable reprises his “Cable’s Comment” feature, talking about his life in retirement, living with diabetes, and revealing that he listens to Amy Winehouse on his iPod while running with his dogs. If you’re a Sac nostalgia freak this is the coolest video of the day!

“I’ll play along with the charade”

Wait, WHAT?!?!

Rick Springfield, aka Dr. Noah Drake, will be performing at Tuesday’s tree lighting at the State Capitol. Festivities begin at 4:30pm.

(Maybe Luke and Laura will renew their vows on the Capitol steps during the ceremony, too.  I was always more of a Bo & “Fancy Face” Hope fan myself.)

Mario Lopez will be the MC; although, I’m sure it will be too cold outside for him to show off his ripped abs.

RunnerGirl will be out of town on business; otherwise, I would SO be there.