CBS13 feeling The Rag’s heat?

Happened to be watching the CBS 13 newscast at 10 pm last night, and heard Sam and Pallas announce some big changes on the newscast coming soon, mostly schedule related but also regarding their coverage of local news. No word on whether the big blue set is going away, but I couldn’t help but have a moment of self-centeredness and think that this here Website might have made some people think.

Oh, and Kurtis Ming has to go. Like, far away.

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3 thoughts on “CBS13 feeling The Rag’s heat?”

  1. I don’t know if they could take Paul and Jen and Marcy back, considering that may not want to, the way they were treated and all. Paul, Jennifer, and Marcy all have class, and the new management of CBS-13 obviously doesn’t know how to handle television news well. I just don’t think it would mix well, good anchors with bad management. I’ve had the pleasure to meet Paul Joncich a few years back, after running into Dianna Penna outside the station, she was kind enough to give me a tour, including sitting on the morning set watching the 5 ‘o clock news being broadcast. I just want to thank Paul, Jennifer and Marcy on keeping their fans up to date on their situations. That shows true class. People with this class have no business associating with poor management like this. Good luck to you three! =)


  2. Please not that my previous comment wasn’t intended to sound like one of the “Big Changes” happening at CBS-13 is taking Paul Jen or Marcy back. I understand it’s kind of too late now for them to come back. Plus, the title post doesn’t talk about them coming back in any way. My post was just to show the class of these wonderful Anchors. Please know you have alot of fans behind you guys, and keep up the good fight!


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