‘Twas a Weekend of Newness

With the rain falling and the mercury stuck at a stubborn fifty-five, I took it upon myself to go out and experience some new things in our fair city this weekend. Undaunted by the wet weather and soggy spirits I managed to eat, drink, and laugh my way to a pretty darn good weekend.

Friday night was a double dip into newness, visiting the newly remodeled Sacramento Comedy Spot as well as sampling the grub from the highly anticipated Suzie Burger.

The show at the Sacramento Comedy Spot was a rousing success. Labeled a “Grand Re-Opening,” the lineup included four different shows to a sold out audience. Shows run most Fridays at 8pm. Check out http://www.saccomedyspot.com for show details.

Suzie Burger was another story. The newly opened burger joint, brainchild of the Haines brothers, has been “coming soon” for quite a number of months now. The former auto repair shop on 29th and P streets has been teasing me with the thought of burgers and cheesesteaks for long enough. It was time to indulge. Continue reading “‘Twas a Weekend of Newness”

Makin’ controversies at CBS13

Or is it CBS13.com? Or is it just CBS13.com (the show) or CBS13.com (the website)? I don’t even know anymore…

Yesterday’s news out of Riverbank about an entire family killed in a collision with an Amtrak train is truly frightening. The stuff of nightmares. CBS13’s led with this story all day, with Mike Dello Stritto and Serene Branson on scene.

A fatal accident on the highway in central California. Remind you of anything? I think it reminded CBS13 of the problems Solano residents are having with Highway 12, and they decided to run with that. Dello Stritto continued to report from the scene at the 11:00 newscast, even though it was pitch black outside and so the crossing arm he pointed to could have been anywhere. He tossed back to Sam and Pallas who… tossed back out to Serene Branson, standing seemingly a few feet away from Dello Stritto to report on another angle of the story. Awk-waaard.

And then they call K-Ming. Continue reading “Makin’ controversies at CBS13”

CBS13 feeling The Rag’s heat?

Happened to be watching the CBS 13 newscast at 10 pm last night, and heard Sam and Pallas announce some big changes on the newscast coming soon, mostly schedule related but also regarding their coverage of local news. No word on whether the big blue set is going away, but I couldn’t help but have a moment of self-centeredness and think that this here Website might have made some people think.

Oh, and Kurtis Ming has to go. Like, far away.