Fair Enough

So, the fair is pretty fair this year. I actually greatly enjoyed my day at the fair this week. They’ve revamped a number of items and restored a few that were missing from last year’s festivities. The animals were cute as always (why do they have to be so tasty?), and the mullets were out in force. One major disappointment though came from the bobsled ride. This is the ride where you go around in a circle crushing the person on the outside while ridiculously loud classic rock shatters your eardrums. Well, times are changing my friends. The basic ride hasn’t changed much, other than a paint job that now suggests a surfing theme rather than a bobsled theme, but the atmospere has completely been ruined. Rather than the Ratt and Scorpion and G&R that we were looking forward to, our musical selections were “Over My Head” by The Fray and “Stars are Blind” by Paris Hilton. Let’s just say that sound of Paris Hilton’s highly modified voice at 150 db is not my idea of “Big Fun.” But that’s not what you want to know; you want to know where to get the best lard infused, grease forward, atery hardening goodies that you’ve been waiting all year for. Well, here you go:

WHAT’S NEW?: This year, the buzz is all about the “Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich.” You can get this tempting sounding treat at the large chicken fryer trailer in the east side food area (the one with the small stage and lots of hot tubs for sale). The sandwich itself is pretty simple, a cold Krispy Kreme doughnut with a fried chicken patty and slice of non descript white cheese. You also get a side of honey for dipping. I wasn’t thrilled with this recipe, it was just sugary and a bit lacking in taste. Also, the cold doughnut and the hot chicken patty didn’t really jive for me. Mrs. Eats, however, loved it. So, while it’s not perfect for all, some with more of a sweet tooth will be thrilled.

At the same trailer as the KK Chicken Sandwich, they’re also selling deep fried avocadoes. I can’t remember if they had this last year or not, but I heard from all that tried them that they were delicious.

CORNDOGS: People often ask me, “Sac-eats, where do you get the best corndog at the fair?” Well, it’s a good question, and thanks for asking. Your options are myriad at the state fair when it comes to corndogs. It seems like everyone has a corndog on their menu, from the Chinese food guy to the bearded vet selling POW-MIA flags. After exhaustive research, I’ve found the best corndog is at the “Buns on the Run” trailer across from the petting zoo in the far eastern end of the grounds. The corndogs come in two sizes, huge and pornographically huge. The cornmeal batter is fantastic, crisp and never soggy and the hot dog underneath is, well, a hot dog. The bonus at this particular stand is their homemade potato chips, a perfectly heart stopping addition to your battered and fried corndog. The stand also has my favorite sandwich at the fair as well, the BBQ beef on what can only be called a “lard roll,” a bread product so greasy that it could leak through kevlar.

WINE: The wine grove is back in action this year and in full court press mode. Wines by the bottle or by the glass are being offered throughout the days for those who need a break from the the hawkers and the schills and the barkers. One wine featured was called the “Inzinerator,” a fun and jammy Zin that Mrs. Eats was a big fan of. While not the best place for people watching, the patrons are very friendly and will not shy away from steering you to their different food choices throughout the fair. I highly recommend the wine area for a nice mid-afternoon break.

MISC: The animal birthing area has now been moved to the very back of the park. Alongside that, there is a fantastic display of agricultural items such as sunflowers, kiwi vines, grapes, etc that are all laid out in a beautiful outdoor garden. Go back and take a look, it’s well worth it.

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