The sorry state of local sports guys

Local sports broadcasting is at a sorry state, is it not? Most of the broadcasts have new guys right now and most of them are awkward and terrible. Danny Pommells? Arran Anderson and Keith Norton? Maybe they just need a few years under their belts. The only straight up sports guy left is Jim Crandall, and that’s pretty sad. It looks like Del Rogers is pulling double duty on KCRA and KQCA, but I’ve only seen Pommells on KCRA lately. News 10 only has Brian May.

It’s not just the new guys’ overall lack of local exposure that’s contributing to the suckification, it’s the way the new guys are being used. CBS13 (I hear good things!!) seems to almost exclusively use Norton and Anderson outside the studio, doing stupid on-the-spot reporting from behind the wheel of a racecar, stuff like that which smacks of media contracts and PR (I’m talking out my arse here but that’s the feeling I get).

While I’m on the subject of local news…

I’m also sick of the anchors sending us back into the newsroom to chat with the “Web guru” — some production staffer or data-entry person who looks good from the waist up who has the station’s site up on two screens and shows us how hyperlinks work. These people are not “talent,” as they say, so they have that deer-in-the-headlights look and flub even standard English cliches (I heard the young female on CBS13 the other day say that something was “the tip-top-notch”). I assume the business division is pushing the Web because it’s a major revenue stream? Or it’s not but they want it to be? Or–even though any two-bit jackass can sign up with Adsense–there is perceived competition here in town, they all want to be the go-to place for news (and recipes sponsored by Paragary and home listings brought to you by Beazer).

Anyway those two things have been bugging me and now I can have a peaceful weekend.

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One thought on “The sorry state of local sports guys”

  1. Look at the glass as half full: If you get your way, the Kings will move and we won’t need the sports guys any more. Ziiiiiiiing! 🙂

    (Gotta laugh about this stuff, because it ain’t like us whining on the Internet is actually affecting the real world.)


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