Offbeat film series at Fool’s Foundation

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Shiny Object and Fools Foundation will begin an on-going weekly series of film screenings at Fools Foundation every Friday night at 7 PM. Most films are $5.00 unless otherwise noted in advance.

This all kicks off on Friday Sept 8 with a screening of “We Jam Econo: The Story of The Minutemen,” a feature-length documentary on the seminal 80’s punk band. The rest of the Sept schedule is below:

9/15 7PM $5 – Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea – with director Christopher Metzler in attendance! see the ecological disaster and the people who live there!

9/22 7PM $5 – Sirens of the 23rd Century – a campy, kitschy and androgynous scifi fairytale satire.

9/29 7PM $5 – The American Astronaut – 2001 Sundance Grand Prize Nominee. A rare chance to see this scifi musical western oddity by Cory McAbee of the Billy Nayer Show!

Fools Foundation: 1025 19th St, Sacto – 19th & K in the alley, in the basement.
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