When it’s raining men, it pours

Continuing his meteoric rise to local fame, Game Guy Scott Fera can now be seen in two places at once… on the stage at 24th Street Theater in “The Full Monty” and now in network, My58’s Host Hunt Competition. Sac’s newest TV network, which actually premieres its fall lineup tonight at 7 (2 hourlong primetime soap operas with 13 week story arcs), is holding the competition to find 2 hosts for an as-yet unannounced new show for one year. It will most likely be a show in the “Good Day Sacramento” model.

Here’s Scott’s page. One big reason I think the Game Guy deserves your vote is that he is one of a select few contestants who answered the “Pet Peeves” question honestly… some of the other contestants’ answers include “Ignorance,” “Unfairness,” “Liars and fake people” and my personal (least) favorite, “People getting away with injustice.”

That last one is from what I think will be Scott’s chief competitor, Rafael, who already has reached a level of local recognizability as “Raffy,” the between-innings emcee at Raley Field.

Vote early and (because of shoddy web application building) vote often, and I mean that literally. As far as I can tell you can actually just mark Scott’s name on the voting screen and hit “Vote” seventeen billion times (maybe if you’re on strike this week you could bring your laptop?) I note, however, the voting disclaimer:

Please keep in mind that our polls are for entertainment and are not conducted in a scientific fashion.

We make no guarantees about the accuracy of the results other than that they reflect the choices of the users who participated.

Good luck Game Guy! So say we all.

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