Faith and free shipping

I keep finding myself heading back to this story reported on last week. Some folks are burying small statues of Saint Joseph in their yards to help sell their homes. It appears that when times get tough and bubbles begin to burst, turning to religion and prayer is just the ticket. It’s just that this ticket has a specially reduced price tag of only $5.95.

From (no, I’m not joking):

Don’t be fooled by secular companies selling these! They promote this practice as superstition and ‘good luck’. We developed this St. Joseph House selling kit years ago and have sold thousands to devout Roman Catholics who understand the devotion related to this pious practice…Some secular companies are selling similar kits for $14.00 or more — we have kept our price low through the years to make it affordable for all!

Watch out, those secular companies are out to get you! Because, you know, having a business that is not overtly or specifically religious just screams of capitalism and exploitation. Oh, by the way,’s tiny bible keychains are on sale for $3.95 (you’ll need a magnifying glass to read it!).

And before you ask, I’m not sure what my point is. More from the story:

At the Catholic Store on Broadway in Sacramento and Heavenly Hearts in Roseville, the owners try to shift the emphasis away from actually burying a statue of St. Joseph. “We don’t like to think of this in a superstitious way,” said Sandra Perez, owner of the Catholic Store, “Because that’s not the idea. The idea really is to have your faith.”

Hmmm, “shifting emphasis” eh?

Michelle Craddock of Heavenly Hearts agreed. “I tell people who want to bury it to do so as part of the tradition, but only do it for that reason,” she said. “Some people come in and say: ‘I need to bury St. Joseph to sell my house!’ And I say, no, you need to pray!”

Ok, I’m confused. So just pray to sell your house? Or pray AND bury this religious icon in your yard. Or forget your house and just get to praying?

Maybe that’s my point.


Author: RonTopofIt

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13 thoughts on “Faith and free shipping”

  1. As a realtor, on my listings,I encourage my sellers to seek to be a conduit of answered prayers for buyers – a 3%-8% price reduction works almost everytime. Amen!


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  3. I wonder what would happen if you buried a St. Joseph’s statue on your property that was originally used as an Indian burial ground.


  4. Hometown Guy is totally right on. The true divine intervention happens when sellers get more realistic and less greedy.

    Sac-eats, Roman Catholics and Indians can co-exist; my dad (Hupa & Karok Indian) was raised Catholic.


  5. Hey, I have been trying to sell my house since April, and have buried two saint Josephs to no avail. Have also lowered the price $30,000.


  6. My neighbor tried the same thing, and then we figured out what the problem was. Her St. Francis statue in her backyard was attracting all kinds of critters that turned off potential buyers. Once she hid her St. Francis statue, St. Joseph took over, and the house sold.


  7. Nothing I’ve tried so far has succeeded in getting me crucified upside down. I’m going to go put a statue of Saint Peter in my trunk right now! Thanks for the idea.


  8. I buried St. Joseph in my yard in So. Cal. and my house sold in seven days. But then I left him and, according to the Sicillian-voodoo prayer I said as I buried him, head down, in the dirt, when the house sold and I moved I would dig him up and put him in a place of honor in my home. I had a place next to Buddy Christ jsut for him, but instead he rots in LA. I hope he doesn’t haunt me…


  9. I buried my statue under the sign post… it’s been on the market for about 20 luck. My husband went this morning to check on him (hehe) and he was gone! :-O Can anyone explain what’s going on?


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