Interstate the obvious

Breaking news. is reporting that California’s roads are bad:

A new report by a group called the Road Improvement Project found that the state has some of the worst major roads and highways.

It ranked the ten US urban areas with the greatest share of substandard roads, based on how bad drivers are shaken around in their cars. Five of them are in California…

Guess who rounded out the California’s Bumpy 5 and made top bottom seven on the list?

And Sacramento scored seventh worse. Fifty percent of its roads don’t meet the group’s standards.

At least now you can justify that Hummer.

3 thoughts on “Interstate the obvious”

  1. All the more reason to levy a new tax and then spend the billions in revenues it generates on a new sports complex. We may not have working levees or roads, but we will totally get sweet rock bands to helicopter in.


  2. Yet, in Garden of the Gods (recently featured in Sacramento Magazine as a place to be old in) Mission Ave remains a smooth, well-tended asphalt ribbon thanks to the good people at A. Teichert & Son, a Sacramento tradition for over 100 years. (This is an actual testamonial and no compensation was given for celebrity endorsement.)


  3. And the fine folks at Granite are helping keep Eastern smooth! Sacramento County is putting some quality dollars in to much-needed road maintenance, thus keeping the local construction industry vibrant. These are your Measure A 1/2 cent tax dollars at work!


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