MasterCarding George W. Bush

As many of you know, The President of the United States of America just passed through town.  If you didn’t know, and you blinked, you didn’t miss anything.

However, you have to give it to Dubya.  He’s coming to a state where he has a 66% disapproval rating, and where the Republican Governor won’t even see him (in fact, Arnold took off to LA while Bush was here).  But, George’s fellow GOPs here in NorCal needed his help.  Here is a quick synopsis of Bush’s activities while he was around:

In addition, when in Stockton, Bush also made a comment about the Mark Foley (R-Florida) scandal (for his pedophilic behaviour):

Bush said he was “dismayed and shocked to learn about Congressman Foley’s unacceptable behavior.” Some, including the conservative Washington Times newspaper, have called for [Republican House Speaker] Hastert to resign, but Bush expressed confidence in the speaker’s ability to resolve the matter.

Right.  Money scandals? Ethics scandals? Pedophilia?  Whatever! Let’s get back to talking about what brings home the bacon: that War on Terror!



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  1. Doolittle’s opponent is named Charlie Brown, so why are we able to understand the people (adults) supporting him in his radio spots instead of the muffled voices and “wah wah wah wah” language?


  2. Wow, $600,000 fundraiser for Doolittle’s campaign. That means $90,000 into the Doolittle personal bank account.


  3. I agree runnergirl. Everyone has forgotten the true meaning of election day. Isnt there anyone who know’s what Election Day is all about??


  4. Sure! I can tell you what election day is all about!

    *Lights please!*

    And there were the same country shephards (partisan delegates) abiding in the fields (of 1/2 in manicures Serrano lawn), keeping watch over their flocks (non voter decided districts) by night, when lo, the angel of the lord (George W Bush) came upon them. And the glory of the lord shown round about them (could have been wind from Marine One landing) and they were so afraid (of the next two years). And the angel (W) said unto them fear nor, for behold I bring you tidings of great joy (becuase my kid isnt over seas right now) for unto you, was born to you in the city of David (and SUVs and MILF stepmoms wearing Juicy velour jogging suits) a savior (me) and this should be a sign unto you. You should find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger (“did you hear that Brax, call the nanny, Cody needs a change, he’s swaddled himself!”). And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host (who else can afford a $2000.00 a plate lunch) praying unto god (or upon pages) and saying Glory to god in the highest, and on Earth peace and Good will to men (except in Iraq, or Iran..also North Korea and maybe Venzuela). Thats what Election Time is all about!


  5. CSI: What’s a shame is that some elected officials (e.g. Foley) tarnish the political process for some well-intentioned citizens running for office who ARE trying to make good changes for our communities. It really is too bad that elections have become self-mocking (but haven’t they always been?), but can’t WE have some fun with it too? There are those of us — many here on the sacrag — who do study up on the issues, vote in the elections that very few others do, but can still have an 8th grader’s sense of humor about a candidate’s name.


  6. runnergirl said on 10/4/06 at 9:00 AM (link):
    “… There are those of us — many here on the sacrag — who do study up on the issues, vote in the elections that very few others do, but can still have an 8th grader’s sense of humor about a candidate’s name.”

    Kinda like…a politician named “Doolittle”.


  7. Event heavily reported by Moutain Democrat, a Nazi Stormtrooper Rag published in Placerville…

    As usual the local Editor, a real Joe Goebbels man, gushed and praised the Village Idiot…

    Noted in attendance were local dumb schmuck Supervisors and a candidate for Supervisor, Ron Briggs, son of Senator John Briggs or Orange County who was author in the 70s of the antigay initiative which would have forbidden homosexuals from teaching and the like (how one can categorize sexual preferences was not explained at the time)…Ron Briggs the candidate, has only worked for his father…some experience…

    But then againk what would one expect for a fundraiser whose main attaction was the Village Idiot


  8. my only problem with what you said is that i think the editor of the Mountain Democrat is more of a Goerring than a Goebbels. just a slight quibble.


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