One man, one threat

The President’s stay in our area was a short one.  It was probably a good thing, because it seems he wore out his welcome before he even got here:

Howard Kinsey, 41, faces one count of threatening to take the life of and inflict bodily harm on the President of the United States under the indictment returned by a federal grand jury, U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott said…

Meanwhile, an Elk Grove engineer charged with sending threatening letters containing a powdery substance to a country club where President Bush appeared this week was scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

Michael Lee Braun, 51, faces two charges of sending threats through the mail.

Boys, how about next time you just don’t re-elect the guy?

3 thoughts on “One man, one threat”

  1. I wonder if the FBI is arresting nutjobs all over the country for threatening the Prez? Or does Sacramento truly have more nutjobs than the norm?


  2. On Tuesday the Bee had an odd article about the Elk Grove engineer (

    “A search of Braun’s home Friday found baking soda and a threat letter, the affidavit said.”

    If my home were searched, they’d find at least one out of those two items. The Bee also reported that one of his neighbors thought he was a weirdo:

    “As an example of his seemingly odd behavior, she (the neighbor) said a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign was posted on his wooden fence, even though Lewkowitz never knew Braun to own a dog.”

    I can think of absolutely NO reason why anyone would ever have a “Beware of Dog” sign if they didn’t indeed own a dog. This guy is a big fat phony.


  3. Commenting on that “Beware of Dog” thing when you don’t have a dog, a friend of mine pointed out that at the Greenhaven community meetings in response to a flood of break-ins, police recommended “Beware of Dog” signs on the gates of the dogless, to give criminals pause.

    By the way, a “Beware of Dog” sign is a phenomenally BAD idea if you actually DO have a dog. If someone goes into your yard — even for legitimate reasons, and invited — and your friendly dog knocks them over, a “dog-bite lawyer” (yes, they exist) will be licking his chops. See, the “Beware of Dog” sign is evidence in his book that you knew your dog was a threat.

    Better option? “Dog in Yard” signs. Lets people (good and bad) know there’s a dog, but doesn’t say anything about the animal’s temperament.


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