Good news, bad news

Well today brings two big stories, one sad and one incredibly good. First the sad, it’s now official: Tower Records is gone. Like, for real. Liquidation sales start today. First Sacred Heart, then Tower, and since these things happen in threes, expect an announcement soon after November 7 about another Sacramento institution packing house…

The good news today is that the DEA has busted Daryl and Solomon Summerfield (hmm Solomon, eh? so these stories really are related…weird) a father and son drug outfit that was moving large amounts of cocaine around. If you just read this story in the Bee, one bit they left out, and that Ron Jones reports on CBS13, is that this operation was the coke supply for Oak Park. One thing Ron Jones doesn’t report is who “Scott McGregor” is, the person quoted in the article several times. I have a hunch that he might be talking about McGregor Scott, the US Attorney in Sacramento. What is that dude doing reversing his names like that! Making Ron Jones’ job harder is what. Anyway here’s to brighter days ahead for Oak Park…

Author: CoolDMZ

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3 thoughts on “Good news, bad news”

  1. Wait…lemme guess. The Kings are leaving town! (OK, the timeframe doesn’t fit, but still.) I’m sure the Maloofs will enjoy Kansas City/Las Vegas/San Jose/Anaheim.


  2. I went over to Tower yesterday at Watt & El Camino. All I can say is that I love Tower and I will miss it horribly, but they are not nearly desperate enough yet to be able to liquidate their inventory. They’re only giving 10% off of full price CD’s and 30% off of books and magazines. That’s nothing; that’s not even an after Christmas sale. I’m going to wait for a few weeks and see if they’re willing to start dumping things below cost. I’m quite sure that new Larry Goldings CD will still be there in a few weeks. If not, then I’ve great overestimated his star power.


  3. i noticed that in the paper today…$1.80 off a CD, wow must be tough times. that’s more like a Columbus Day sale!


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