What’s to become of Capitol Boxing Gym?

Updated at 10:35 on 10/19…
If you’ve ever driven on Stockton Blvd around Tahoe Park, you’ve probably seen Capitol Boxing Gym. It was remarkable for its colorful cartoon murals and the fact that it said BOXING in big letters. It was sold in 2004 by the Guevara family that ran it for 35 years (link to a nice News & Review article from 2004), and just this week it has started undergoing some sort of a facelift. My wife and I live very close to the building–we always enjoyed seeing the young trainees jogging around the neighborhood (strict rules: no gang colors, no “crazy ass rap music,” no sagging pants, no cursing)–and we were sad to see it fade away.

This morning I noticed that the early construction work being done on it seems to be moving the facade of the building about 6 feet back from its original footprint, which made me think perhaps it is becoming an eating establishment and being fitted for street dining? If so, hope they carry on Joe Guevara’s ban on crazy ass rap music.

Update at 10:35 on 10/19: An insider at the county tells me that according to permit requests the Boxing Gym site will soon be home to a small bakery owned by a family trust…

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3 thoughts on “What’s to become of Capitol Boxing Gym?”

  1. My Father Florentino Guerrero, a Sacramento Boxer and Trainer,and longtime friend of the Guevara family (Ernie) – I was setting here thinking about the good ole days when my Dad use to take me to Ernie Guevara’s gym on Stockton Blvd where there was some good ole fashioned boxing/sparring where if anything you could just work out and enjoy yourself/hang out. Larry Greenhagen, his Golden Gloves Boy….. Pete Ranzany and Lopez – and even Albert Guevara (hey lol). What I woulden’t give to see that Gym today for just a moment to take me back to the good ole days – take my nephew; Martin Reyes – Gianna’s son, now 18 to just be there and reminise some. I work in Washington, DC…the daily hussle and bussle and uptight and fastpaced life/gridlock makes you appreciate growing up in a small town, of course living in Cameron Park prior to my Government transfer to DC. I miss the Gym my father use to take me to, I hope someday, someone can look back and say “those were the good ole days …old school and smile like me and have good memories Thanks to the Guevaras/Gym I have those memories in my heart and I can hear the trainers and the speed bag, sparring, gloves. I never viewed it as violence, but a way to release the hurt or energy which needs to come out. Even little Bennie Garcia a little behind me of course. All the boxers with hope of being the next Clay (smile) We need to get kids off the streets and back to the old wayz. Go for it – make Ernie Proud! I have some old Ring Magazine I could donate one from the 50’s (photo 25 Cents) you could frame

    Lenora Guerrero


  2. I once use to trian in capital boxing with ernie as my trainer years ago as a child, well now i am older and looking for a place to train but to also bring my son. I dont think i can find another gym that will have the love in boxing as did capital.the building and paitings always brought the lov back as i drove by saying to my son theres where i use to train.


  3. I remember the good old days! I trained in the old gym in 1980-81. I remember Ernie and his sons Albert and Joe very well. Pete and Sal trained there regularly. I even saw Wilfred Benitez and Edwin Viruet train there when Benitez came to fight Pete Ranzany. I’m really sad to hear the gym will no longer be there. There aren’t too many days when I don’t think about that place since I was 17 years old. Frank Sousa used to train me, and I heard he was disabled in a motorcycle accident. Man, I sure hope he’s OK. I also remember Tim Brooks, Tim Harris, Tim Jones and Roland Harmon. I heard some bad things happened to all three Tims, but I hope they’re not true. Anyways, can’t bring back the past. Peace, out.


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