Sandy Smoley’s arena post-mortem

TZ of Sactown Royalty is making all us bloggers look bad by getting like, interviews and stuff. Using the phone even! He’s got some quotes from Sandy Smoley, Chairwoman of the Yes on Q & R campaign.

On the incredible margin of defeat:
“80-20 is huge. That was startling to me, the magnitude. … But if people don’t understand a measure, they vote no. … With the Maloofs pulling out, it was way overwhelming.”

That’s one way to put it, Sandy. Another way to put it is that when people don’t want their taxes raised, they vote no on raising their taxes. Yet another way to put it is that the voters understood your idea plenty, and just decided they didn’t like it.

I’ll go ahead and give Smoley credit, she probably means that the voters didn’t understand it because it was poorly written and not well thought out. The Maloofs pulling out did make it harder to understand what was going on–hard to understand why the stewards of our public trust would leave so much out and still expect a yes vote.

Author: CoolDMZ

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2 thoughts on “Sandy Smoley’s arena post-mortem”

  1. I choose to believe that people just don’t get my jokes too. Like when I said that they all look the same. Maybe I’m just not funny.



  2. To be honest, I think it’s more to the attributable to confusion than to the credit of Sacramento’s voting public. The campaign was a mess.

    I have much respect for Sandy Smoley. The fact that she was behind it almost made me change my mind when it looked like the Arena deal was going to be an urban paradise. But by voting day, Ghandi could’ve been behind it and I still would’ve voted no.


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