If you grew up here, you’ll know

I was bummed today to read this article about the land that used to house the Oakwood Lake Resort in Manteca (aka Manteca Waterslides).  As mentioned on this here web log several times over the years, it’s somehow more painful to know the details of its future. I know many of us spent our summer days trying to swap out our colored mats without getting caught. And for those moments of childhood bliss, I say farewell!

Maybe they’ll build a commemorative slide on one of those artificial lakes…

Author: RonTopofIt

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One thought on “If you grew up here, you’ll know”

  1. I never made it out to the slides. So many things I missed out on by being a poor kid from Midtown.

    I think the commemorative slide idea would be rad. But I’ll bet the liability insurance would be disastrous.


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