Breakfast at Fox & Goose: Great or Really Great?

‘Twas my first occasion this morning to break fast at the venerable and highly regarded institution of fodder and libation that is the Fox & Goose. The food lived up to the hype. The eggs and bangers were cooked perfectly, and also adequately accompanied by a butter-soaked crumpet and wonderfully fried potatoes. Looking around the table, the variety of breakfast options and the quality of the food was on full display. Highly recommended is the “The Goose” for breakfast and of course for an evening pint. As previously reported, stay away from the fish and chips, it’s not one of their specialties. One question remianed when the meal was finished though: Where were the baked beans and black pudding?

Fox & Goose- 10th and R St. Sacramento
Breakfast food**** Ambience*** Service***

8 thoughts on “Breakfast at Fox & Goose: Great or Really Great?”

  1. What about Toad in the Hole or Spotted Dick? Do they have those?

    The Fox & Goose also recently announced its New Years Eve lineup of Anton Barbeau, Justin Farren (my personal fave), the Inversions, and the White Russians. No word on if the uber-fun Champagne will be performing, as they brought the house DOWN last year.

    Kit, do you do a days-long “birthday festival” to make up for the fact that your birthday is so close to Christmas?


  2. Runnergirl,

    I don’t really do a long birthday thing. When I was a kid my parents found a work-around to include all my Christmas-vacationing schoolmates.

    I had an “unbirthday” swim party in June.


  3. Such a great spot for breakfast… check out the Eggs Benedict Arnold with rarebit sauce, mmm. And – greetings from another holiday baby – the 29th!


  4. The ollalaberry scones with devonshire cream are to die for. I usually order one as a breakfast appetizer (if such a thing exists).


  5. Kit,

    I feel your birthday pain, mine is on Monday the 18th. My parents celebrated “half-birthdays” for me in June.


  6. I had spotted dick once, but Dr Zacharias gave me a shot to get rid of it.

    One more thing to point out is that Fox & Goose has excellent breakfast selections for vegetarians and vegans.

    They also recently (in the last year) got a liquor license and have something similar to a Bloody Mary, but I forget what they call it.


  7. Since it’s an English pub, it would be close to sacreligious to call anything a “Bloody Mary.” Instead, they have a similar drink that they call the “Bloody Head of Oliver Cromwell on a Stick May He Rot In Hell.”


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