Weird things are afoot at the CPK

BibbyKnocked off early at the widget factory yesterday and took the family to Barnes & Noble at Market Square. Gotta love that kid’s section–plenty of fun for the kids, but with only 2 exits it’s super easy to monitor. Afterward, while eating some really authentic Chinese food from a little restaurant I usually just refer to as “Orange Chicken” who walks in to the humble Market Square but NBA superstar Mike Bibby. He did some holiday shopping at B&N, graciously signing a few autographs for his adoring fans, before dining at California Pizza Kitchen. Gods among men. I tried to give him a what’s up nod but believe it or not he was talking on a cellular phone the whole time!

My last Kings sighting was way back in 2000, the day after the playoff loss to the hated L.A. Lakers. Driving back to town from the widget factory out in Rocklin (different widgets, different factory) I came upon a super-stylish black BMW. As I cautiously pulled up next to the driver, I was suprised to see a sheepish Peja Stojakovic slinking back into his seat to avoid my glance. My favorite Kings sighting was when my dad and I saw Otis Thorpe at the Music Circus and my dad said “Otis, my man” and shook his hand.

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12 thoughts on “Weird things are afoot at the CPK”

  1. I think that Mike really likes the chain restaurants. The last time I saw him in public, he and Bobby Jackson were grabbing a bite at an Outback Steakhouse. Good on ya’.


  2. Good call, sac-eats. I was just about to comment the same thing as I’ve seen him two or three times over the years at either Chili’s or Applebee’s.

    However, as I noticed the other night on his calf a tattoo that read, “Only God Can Judge Me”.

    So he has that going for him.


  3. From the previous comments it appears that I’m the only nerd here with enough residual high school resentments to find the idea of a pro basketball player book shopping comical.


  4. Funny enough, he also has a tatoo on his calf that says “Old Spaghetti Factory Forever” in gangland script, so there you go.


  5. the weirdest part of this commentary is that you could see his calves. was he really wearing shorts in the middle of december? or maybe he was wearng capris? in which case i beg to differ that only god can judge him.


  6. I see your point (oddly enough), td.

    I was watching Mr. Bibby attempting to play basketball at the Arco Arena on said other night.


  7. I think you are all missing the big picture here.

    This is a very profound post about Sacramento, for only because he plays and lives in *this* town can the label of “superstar” be applied to Mike Bibby.


  8. His dad was good, but he had an afro and Bill Walton…

    now he’s bald…

    come to think of it, the Kings need some 4s and 5s for it appears that Mr “Genius” Petrie forgot to get any…


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