Not sure if “outdone” is the right word…

The same two houses I reported on last year for their terrible holiday light displays are at it again this year! At right is a house on the 3500 block of 52nd Street, right around the corner from me. You’ll notice they mined some of the same subject matter as last year, namely giant geometric shapes. This year just one Santa, and he’s riding a pogo stick. The bright area atop the gate is a green frog. Ho hum, not much else remarkable about this house… What’s that giant shape in the center, you say? Why that’s a spider, of course… with a Santa hat and presents on its back. It’s left over from Halloween, when it was ridden by a zombie bride.

Can’t wait to see what they do for President’s day! The giant native American spider god that haunted Andrew Jackson?

Author: CoolDMZ

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2 thoughts on “Not sure if “outdone” is the right word…”

  1. The people next door to us have a giant Christmas display that rivals that. They don’t have a giant spider though so your find wins. What’s annoying is that they leave the display on 24 hours a day so the bright lights (and 15 foot blow up Santa) light up one side of our house all night. I’m all for decorations and holiday spirit but come on, enough is enough.


  2. Wow, that presidents display sounds phenominal!

    Plumwin, I think my friend in Seattle has you beat, poor thing. She moved into her house AFTER the power outage, so she and her boyfriend are sleeping on a mattress in the living room huddled up and shivering next to their fireplace.

    If it’s not bad enough that their neighbor is running his generator all night long, he has the audacity to keep the Christmas Tree in the livingroom lit all night in a neighborhood where people can see their own breath in their living room *with* a fire going.

    How’s that for some Christmas Spirit?


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