Pumpkin patch time!

Pumpkin Chunkin $5/3 shots
My photo from the 2005 post

As far as seasonal ledes go on Sac Rag, they don’t get more boilerplate than “We here at The Sac Rag love us a pumpkin patch.” So it’s that time of year to do the thing. Pumpkins, corn mazes, apple pie, the works.

I have reviewed local favorites Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm and Bastiao Farms/Goblin Gardens as well as The Pumpkin Farm out in Citrus Heights and (sort of) Dave’s Pumpkin Patch (in 2005!)

Surprisingly, I have never been to Cool Patch Pumpkins out in Dixon, which boasts a corn maze “Labeled as ‘The Coolest Maze on the Planet'” (not sure by whom) though I hear great things about it.

Any other crowd favorites out there? Any new ones cropped up in the last few years? Anyone still out there, actually?

Unnamed British boy wizard themed fun [PHOTOS]

The Game Guy pointed out that unless Fairy Tale Town has extremely deep pockets or lots of political firepower, their “Harry Potter” night is a bazillion dollar licensing lawsuit waiting to happen. Despite the threat of legal action, a good time was had by all.

Lots of kids ran around in Hogwarts robes and Gryffindor ties, which was cute. Some cosplaying grownups, including a Snape/Voledemort/Tonks/Mad-Eye Moody family, a Dobby mask, and awesome Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy couple’s costume. The trivia contest game show was a hoot; the showing I attended was won by an 8 year old in Quidditch robes, sitting on his dad’s lap. A few photos after the jump.

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Not creepy at all!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Kingfox

An enterprising and holiday-spirited local person wants your childs (sic) name and address, for holiday purposes of course:

So here is how this will work send me two dollars per letter you want sent out (per kid) cash or money order (Just because of the stamps and paper).
Also include the childs name what letter you want sent out and the information you want in the letter. Childs name(s)

I think you might also want to send a recent photo of your child. For Santa.

Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm

I first took the family out to Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm back in 2006, but we had been itching to go back — so we decided to take off in the afternoon on Furlough Friday and head out to Wheatland. Obviously it is quite a trip out there, so you have to be prepared for that. It’s beautiful country in my opinion, though more and more of it is suburbs. Lincoln is insane with the housing.

Bishop’s is still an awesome experience, from the large goat petting zoo to the long train ride around the family’s “pick your own” flower garden and a patch of ginormous pumpkins. This time around we ate on location, dining on grilled hot dogs and some massive saucy tri-tip sandwiches. It’s average food and it won’t break your bank. For treats they have a “make your own shaved ice” hut with more than a dozen flavors and flavor mixes. And of course there are homemade pies.

So if you still have to grab some gourds and you are up for the drive, Bishops is a great time. I have a few photos after the jump…
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Local Love

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Sacramento-style with these uniquely delicious ideas:

Chocolate Decadence: The most direct path to your sweetie’s heart is through the stomach. Sacramento has no shortage of phenomenal bakers to treat your honey right. Place your order today to ensure your treats are ready in time!

  • Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates offers sinfully elegant options including their V-day specialty Palet D’Or Entrement Cake for $32 featuring “Maracaibo Venezuelan Chocolate Mousse, layered with Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Dacquois, and Crunchy Chocolate Shortbread.” They also offer melt-your-heart chocolates starting at 6 pieces for $12. If you’re going to buy chocolates, you won’t find any better than these!
  • Freeport Bakery exceeds all expectations for perfectionist pastries. Their Valentine’s options will make you weak in the knees. They’ve got Continue reading “Local Love”

Design of the Times

Jason Williams shows of his tattoo
Go, EBOY, Go!
While the Sac Rag takes a few days off to celebrate the winter solstice, I thought I would leave you with a few links to sites showcasing tattoos of all shapes and sizes.

Nothing on current Sacramento Kings, but I did find more from former King, Jason Williams.

Happy Holidays!

FREE COFFEE Tomorrow (December 24)!

Peet’s Coffee & Tea on Alhambra & Folsom Blvd. (located at 3100 Folsom) will be giving away FREE COFFEE tomorrow, December 24 all day from 5:00am to 4:00pm. To further invoke the holiday spirit, staff will be donating all their tips to Women’s Empowerment, a nonprofit that helps homeless women and children. Grab a free cup of joe and tip big for charity!

Going high-tech to defeat the Grinch

Arden Fair
Creative Commons License photo credit: rezlab

This Sac Bee article about the annual increase in retail theft around the holidays includes some interesting details about the work that goes into pulling off a good retail thieving. Another way to describe it might be “detailed instructions for carrying out a retail theft,” including tidbits like lining a shopping bag with foil to block security devices. It also mentions the use of strollers to hide stolen merchandise. Which brings up a question: How long until Arden Fair bans strollers?

I absolutely kid Arden Fair security. People are horrible, and security folks everywhere are doing what they can to stay one step ahead of the horribleness. Things like video monitoring of every inch of the mall and monitoring the parking lot for cars that are reported as stolen. How easy is it to report somebody else’s car as stolen? Could be a fun way to “prank” your friend the next time he is planning to visit Arden Mall.**

**Do not do this.

Christmas at the Farmers’ Market

FoodNov09 717When farmers start decorating their wares for the holidays, you know Christmas has arrived! At the downtown Sacramento Sunday farmers’ market, Tadlock Landscapes wins the prize for most festive. Donned merrily in bright bulbs and shiny beads, they’re selling this fully-decorated living tree for $60. That’s a bargain price for a tree you can keep around year after year.

Looking for something cheaper? They’ve got lots of sizes and prices from which to choose. If you love the scent of pine, but can’t bear to cut down a real tree, a living tree is a delightful way to celebrate the holiday. And buying it from a local farmer?—Double brownie points for you. Your name is sure to land on Santa’s “nice” list this year!

Holiday-themed employee meal: Sam’s Hof Brau

cc, by flickr user Willscrlt

My work colleagues and I had our annual holiday outing on Friday afternoon (we’re past the point where I have to make cutesy jokes about how I work at “Sac Rag World Headquarters,” right?). A few weeks ago I had been able to exert my considerable influence over the group to steer the selection process away from the standard trendy and/or awkward fare and as a result, I took my work mates to Sam’s Hof Brau.

I know our fans are familiar with sac-eats’s love of the Hof, and I second everything he says. If they’d let me purchase a dedicated booth I would scrape up the cash to do so. On this particular day the hofmeisters had cooked up some mac ‘n’ cheese, so I had a roast beef sandwich with a side of mac and a green salad. The place was packed with retirees so there was quite a queue and the joint was jumping. The banquet hall in the back was even full.

Afterward, we went bowling with the retirees. The only thing not awesome about the whole thing was how depressing it is walking past the carcasses of the Tower stores (with “Thanks for the memories” still displayed on the marquee at Tower Books). Although a pretty great Goodwill store has opened in the former location of Tower video.