L.A. vs. Sacramento, L.A. rules edition

From the L.A. Times:

The love affair between Phil Jackson and the state capital continued Thursday.

“It’s a beautiful place,” he said, opening his arms figuratively with an apparent compliment for Arco Arena. […] “It’s just one of the very few places where you have to walk across the court to get to a locker room that’s a dungeon.”

There’s more, and the LAT seems to like it just a little too much. In fact, they took a dig in another section, too:

Sacramento is a suburb of Los Angeles. Nothing drives home that point more than a walk through Terminal A at Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport at the start of the workweek, where you can see a host of L.A. lawmakers — and lobbyists, political lawyers, labor leaders and corporate executives — waiting for their short hops to the Capitol. […]

California’s capital city may be where all the state’s movers and shakers mingle, but L.A. still rules.

Yeah, just ask ’em. Here’s the rest.

3 thoughts on “L.A. vs. Sacramento, L.A. rules edition”

  1. “Sacramento is a suburb of Los Angeles.”

    Written by someone who hasn’t a clue as to the meaning of either “suburb” or “seething, poisonous hate.”


  2. Only a political reporter/junkie could write this piece as well, since state politics are typically ignored in SoCal. They usually get as much play in the LA press as Barmitzvahs in Iraq.


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