The saddest coupons in the world

Thanks RussTurned to the back of my Entertainment book to find a page of great money-saving coupons … for Tower. Choked up a little, what am I, made of wood here? Also how sad is it that I have tagged this post to the “Nostalgia” category.

Author: CoolDMZ

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6 thoughts on “The saddest coupons in the world”

  1. And I’m sure those coupons were better than the “everything must go” deals Tower initially offered.

    Speaking of…I read that the Co-Op in Elk Grove is closing. Wonder if we’ll be able to get some super deals on slightly expired organic milk.


  2. I am really not looking forward to this new FYE store that will be taking the record store’s place here on Broadway. and it doesn’t seem like the right fit for them either. I’m also disappointed that those crappy, bunker style buildings will remain with a few tenant improvements and a more generic name.

    I wasn’t familiar with the FYE chain before they announced plans for the Broadway spot – but it looks like they are the last major retailer around, and were the ones who gobbled up most of the other ailing stores like the Wherehouse, Sam Goody, etc.. FYE is owned by the Trans World corporation that narrowly lost the bidding on Tower by $500,000 last year.


  3. that is good news to me regardless of any potential lease problems. thanks for sharing. i am looking forward to the Avid Reader store moving into the Tower Books location (that is still happening right?).

    Though I don’t want to see the corner vacant for years, I’d rather things be sorted out over time and a new tenant found that will find a long term home in the neighborhood – and in my opinion, FYE wasn’t the one.


  4. Were any of those coupons for Tower’s Eragny-Cergy location?


    Look in the “Neighborhood Index” in the back of the 2007 Entertainment book, and smack dab between “Elverta” and “Fair Oaks” is some unknown jurisdiction named “Eragny-Cergy.” Apparently it has many fine establishments including Bankok Thai Cuisine (great soup there, I’ve heard), Cold Stone Creamery, Cornerstone Restaurant, Leatherby’s, and many others.

    I realize it’s been years since I’ve worked directly in regional planning, but I doubt that we have a new municipality or Census Designated Place (CDP, that’s what unincorporated places like Elverta, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, and others are — there’s your random fact for the day.)


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