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While we are on the topic, I wanted to mention this story about a lawsuit that has been filed against News Corp. (the owners of the popular social networking site MySpace.)

Four families have sued News Corp. and its MySpace social-networking site after their underage daughters were sexually abused by adults they met on the site, lawyers for the families said Thursday.

I know, shocking right? Nevertheless, the debate rolls on whether society should hold organizations like MySpace or 107.9 The End accountable for incidents like this. The site provides the forum for chaos and mayhem, but people themselves actually provide the chaos and the mayhem, right?

“In our view, MySpace waited entirely too long to attempt to institute meaningful security measures that effectively increase the safety of their underage users,” said Jason A. Itkin, an Arnold & Itkin lawyer.

Ah, interesting. But, shouldn’t the underage girls know better than to visit the site and chat it up with older dudes? I mean, no one puts a gun to these girl’s heads (if you read the story you’ll find that comes later) and forces them to log on.

MySpace has responded with added educational efforts and partnerships with law enforcement. The company has also placed restrictions on how adults may contact younger users on MySpace, while developing technologies such as one announced Wednesday to let parents see some aspects of their child’s online profile, including the stated age.

Some aspects of their child’s profile? Ugh.

It’s almost as if MySpace kinda sorta knows what goes on at their site, but kinda sorta let’s it slide because it’s a popular site and generates revenue. Much the same way a radio station would kinda sort let things slide because it attracts listeners and advertising dollars? Kinda? Sorta?

I don’t want to go off on a rant here, I want to know what you think, Sacramento…

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70 thoughts on “MySpace & personal responsibility”

  1. WARNING: In the interest of public safety we must warn our users that user “Mark” poses a serious threat to your lattes. The Sac Rag assumes no liability for any lougie material that may or may not be inserted into said lattes.


  2. LOL
    Uh, I tried to point out earlier that my post says I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT.
    “I’m not sure why my latte has a lougie in it, makes me more than a little suspicious that you haven’t really bothered to read my posts.”
    Try to keep up.


  3. Oh and here is what I wrote Don:
    “And yes, I saw loogy lattes. I never did that”
    My Karma latte would be decaf with burned milk, I can deal with that. Don’t just skim next time.

    Are we finished here? Anything to say regarding this issue?


  4. Be warned: If Mark says he does not loogy in the latte he might be committing fraudulent misrepresentation. The Sac Rag, again, is immune from responsibility in this matter. If you’re too lazy and/or stupid to make your own latte, well then you deserve whatever infected loogy may or may not contaminate said latte.


  5. do i have anything to say regarding this issue? nothing other than the stuff you say i said that i did not say.


  6. Donald, you clearly need to go back and re-read the coffee thread. Being lazy and/or stupid is not going to get you a tainted drink, being a jerk to the staff might.
    I asked you what law YOU thought Myspace had broken and you responded with the causes of action brought by the plaintiffs – so if you meant to respond differently and you do not feel like Myspace was negligent then we agree broseph!


  7. Here is the exchange:
    “Perhaps I could give you a better response if you would tell me what crime you think Myspace committed.”
    Donald –
    “negligence, recklessness, fraud and negligent misrepresentation by the companies. -Those Crimes.”


  8. since this stopped being fun about the time you called me a homophobe…

    you asked what laws i thought they had broken, and i pointed out that we were not talking about what i think, we were talking about specific alleged offenses already before the court.

    did you not understand because i didn’t phrase my answer in terms of a bowling alley analogy? the thing about MySpace is it’s like a knife salesman… no no, it’s like Jello pudding pops…


  9. Donald, seems you wished that I would drink a spitty latte (something I have never made which confused me further), which I really didn’t get why you would wish something so mean. And when I pointed out I had no ill feelings towards you and wanted you to have a delicious latte you made a heterosexist remark..implying I was homosexual in an attempt to put me down. I was/am offended still by that remark and I will not just laugh it off -I call people out on that crap.

    If you weren’t talking about what you think regarding this case..then uh, what were you talking about and what was the point?
    I was talking about my opinions regarding this legislation, and feel that my analogies were perfectly apt., so no refunds.


  10. Mark: If you were genuinely offended that I said I was flattered by your sexy description of how you would make me a latte but that I was not looking for a relationship, then I apologize.


  11. Donald I was offended. If, in your string of insults and ill wishes you were not trying to put me down by implying I was gay, rather were really trying to let me know you are unavailable, I accept.

    Crap, and on my last post I meant litigation not legislation..duh.


  12. i can’t believe this is the second time in a few weeks that i’ve been able to mention him, but by any chance have you been acquainted with the editorial works of Smoove B?

    that’s what your sultry latte bit reminded me of.

    what would annoy people more, 4 days of Mark vs. Don or 4 days of Mark and Don making up?


  13. i’m readin all of this hoping to god that mark, you are kidding right? you’re offended? really? my god men! if you’re taking this exchange with more than a fraction of a grain of salt then my friend you are in a world of hurt…litterally. watching TV must make you cry. and i think a lot of gays would take offense to you taking offense at being thought gay once on a webpage cooment section. besides, i thought you were gay too with such an offer of a delicious latte 😉 get over yourself!! let’s move on!


  14. Yes, I am a P.C. Fascist. I really don’t like it when men put each other down by saying or implying that someone is gay. We can certainly agree to disagree on this point but there is absolutely nothing you can say to change my mind on this. I don’t even care what any particular gay person thinks about this, that has nothing to do with my views. Although, I would find it strange if a gay person thought that their sexuallity was something bad and worthy of using to make heterosexuals feel bad. Also, I don’t care if it’s online, in person, read in a book, shouted from the roof tops, it still offends me.

    NOW, I really HAVE to work! Otherwise I’ll be on here blaming SacRag for getting fired! Like daniel and his GPA!


  15. stop saying that i implied you were gay to put you down. what i said was that i was flattered by your humorously romantic description of making me a latte, but that i was in a committed relationship. at least say that i implied we were both partly gay.


  16. O.k.! I was defending my initial response and my general view on the subject.. You’re cool with gay people. I get your intent NOW. At the time you seemed pretty put off by me, having wished that I would drink a spitty latte, so I didn’t take it as the playful response that it was.


  17. Dude, I could have billed 180 hours this month, I could have, but SacRag adicted me to checking back all the time.


  18. For anybody still out there… Here is a great article from findlaw that has a nice analysis of the strength of these suits against Myspace:

    I particularly liked the examples the lawyer used comparing this to a shooting at an all ages rave in Seattle. Further she mentions pen pal clubs and newspapers that publish personal ads. I don’t know why she didn’t just use online examples.


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