Sac City Redistricting

As it turns out, the City of Sacramento is undergoing a redistricting effort this year as a result of the 2010 census. The current population is 466,488 badass Sacramentans, and the City needs to redraw council district lines to equally distribute the population at 58,311 badasses per district. The results of that should be interesting.

The City has set up a website to allow us citizens badasses to participate. You know where I usually stand on participatory democracy gimmicks but this looks fun.

You have to sign up for an account to try it out, but on the plus side, no CAPTCHA.

(Hat tip to Jay Schenirer for alerting his constituents to this opportunity.)

New look, features for

Local happy hour website launched an updated look today with some new features. This week marked the official launch for the site, which aims to be the “Craigslist of Food and Drink” for the Sacramento region.

In addition to tweaking the design, founder Tim White has added hundreds of new listings in outlying areas from Davis to Rocklin, and added additional sorting on the food and drink specials. Other updates will be coming soon, including improved navigation and more specific content on the locations and deals. It’s a great site for quick listings of all the hot spots, and it’s now extremely useful for those off the grid. Cheers!

Around the Web today

Our old pal Tom Ziller has his official Kings 2009-2010 preview up at Sactown Royalty. Though since we’ve already played a game I guess that makes it just his view now. “Last Year’s Record: No Comment.” Heh.

And a little blog called the New York Times has “36 Hours in Sacramento.” The discuss Ella, Tower Cafe, Old Sac, the CA budget crisis, and Faces. They also slyly call our “more trees per capita” status into question. It’s not like we say “prettiest trees in the world,” right? It’s a statistical fact that should be easy to confirm. Big city jerks.

Your Sac Raggers on Twitter!

There’s a new shopping-list aggregator slash celebrity-death announcer program on the market called Twitter, and some of your favorite Sac Rag contributors are on it! Follow @CoolDMZ, @RonTopofIt, @stickiepants, @SinghintheCity and of course @TheSacRag.

We are jumping into this new media world with both feet. “With both feet” means you wait until something’s saturation borders on disgusting before you try it, right?

New favorite blog: Perfecto Taco de Sacto

taco taco taco
Creative Commons License credit: katypang

I just discovered my new favorite blog via Urbanspoon: Perfecto Taco de Sacto

We’re just two hungry kids on the lookout for Sacramento’s best taco. Soft or crunchy, flour or corn, pollo, asada or carnitas: if they’re tacos we’ll try ’em.

The hungry kids in question, Pablo and Tara, have hit up dozens of restaurants in the area. While I’m more of a burrito man myself, their chercher d’taco is a quest I can get behind.