My58 to launch morning show

The Bee’s Sam McManis reports that KCRA has laid off 5 editorial employees (including Mike Bond) in a restructuring move aimed at making room for a new morning news show over at sister station My58TV in late March.

Elliott Troshinsky, president of KCRA and My58TV, said new hires will be made for a My58TV newscast slated from 7 to 9 a.m., but it was necessary to eliminate several positions.

“This new newscast will need a different type of staff than what we currently have,” he said. “So this will free up some positions for the new morning news.”

I hope this “different type” of staff doesn’t include My58’s Street Team duo of Travis & Kelly. You know, the two winners of My58’s “Host Hunt” last year. Frequent Sac Rag readers will recall that CoolDMZ reported on this in September:

…is holding the competition to find 2 hosts for an as-yet unannounced new show for one year. It will most likely be a show in the “Good Day Sacramento” model.

Just to catch you up on their goings on lately, here’s Travis & Kelly “hitting up” Capitol Garage and the True Love Coffeehouse. Rest easy, folks, the chin stroke and super toothy grin are still in heavy rotation.

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6 thoughts on “My58 to launch morning show”

  1. So there will be another show like Good Day Sacramento. Most morning shows consist mostly of “fluff” segments. Network morning shows have fashion tips, hair styles, cooking tips… On Good Day Sacramento, Marc. S. Allen goes to L.A. and asks each celebrity about their latest movie… then tells them they were great in it. (All of his interviews sound alike to me). Once Good Day had several segments on the opening of a store that I had never heard of… they also put the Bee on top of the anchor desk… in some ways Good Day Sacramento is an infomercial.

    Maybe kCRA’s show could have talk which could attempt to solve problems. They could discuss illegal immigration, the increase in gang activity, poverty and crime in the inner city, homelessness…
    I have stopped watching morning shows.


  2. You know, being a celebrity reporter and having to sit in those junket interviews and pretend like the celebrity in the other seat wants to be talking to you…doesn’t that kind of explain MSA getting a DUI? I’m not saying excuses, but when I see those types of interviews I have sorrows that I want to drown in a bottle myself…


  3. Well Peach, compared to the mind numbing work most folks do for a living sitting across from celebrities who pretend to like you while you pretend to like them sounds like heaven. I’ll take it.
    Those two that one the host contest are a trip. She’s actually fairly charismatic but he is AWFUL. He does the goofy gestures and seems barely able to get out a line. They seem to know this and they lean heavily on her.


  4. Tee hee, I mean of course “WON” the the host contest. It’s late, coffee has long since worn off, must get away from computer N O W . . .


  5. i watched the morning show dated 22 jan around 8 am or 9 am and they had an article about on how to cut you bill about cell phones and get the best rated would you please tell me on your website of where i exactly whre i can find on your website and is the correct website show?


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