Sports Show RIP

We heard from a reader named Doug this morning that CBS13’s “The Sports Show” may have been canceled. It looks like that scoop is indeed correct. Arran Anderson’s bio page on is “Page not found,” though Andrew Luria’s is still on there. Reader Doug also wonders whether CBS13/CW31 has canceled all sports coverage in general, which would seem to follow. “Sports Show” pretty much was the entirety of CBS13’s sports coverage. I guess we’ll see this weekend?

They always say these things happen in threes: Kozimor, KWOD, Sports Show…

UPDATE: looks like Anderson and “Sports Show” are gone, but there will still be sports coverage.

Pamela Wu moving on

P Wu Just received this email from KCRA anchor Pamela Wu:

After 14 years in the TV news biz, I am excited to make a career change.

I will be working for Kevin Johnson!

No, not Sacramento’s mayor…

Kevin Johnson is Dean of the UC Davis School of Law, where I will become the Director of Marketing and Communications starting on Monday, February 23. My duties will include raising the profile of the law school in the local and national press, as well as marketing the school to prospective students, faculty, and donors. If you’re a reporter in need of a legal expert to quote for a story, I’m your gal.

I will miss television journalism and my amazing colleagues at KCRA-3, but I won’t miss working crazy hours and on holidays, and I definitely won’t miss doing the snow reports from Blue Canyon!

U hadn’t heard this news yet. P. Wu has always been a fan of this here web log and we’ve always been a fan of hers. We wish her luck in her new career!

Good Day’s Job Center offers free video resumes

I spend a lot of time poking fun at the antics on Good Day Sacramento and on CBS13/CW31 in general. But I have to admit that Good Day’s new Job Center site contains a fabulous feature: video resumes. The feature, offered by CBS for its local affiliates, allows anybody to come on down to the station and record a short video “resume.” It sure seems like a winner of an idea to me: if a potential employer sees your face and hears you talk before ever bringing you in for an interview, it seems like you’ve got a definite leg up. By the time they meet you face to face, it’ll feel like a second interview.

Watts out at KCRA

Local news is a fickle game. We’ve always tried to follow the action along the way and provide you with our observations and updates. In fact, these observations and updates have been one of the main reasons people find themselves on this here web log.

In this tradition we must begin our paper trail for Julie Watts who was recently “laid off” from KCRA (btw, I’ve always thought the term “laid off” was for seasonal workers like lumberjacks or carpenters…)

While I am on the subject of annoying terms and euphemisms, here’s a blurb from the Sacramento Business Journal article:

“We’ve had some staff reductions,” said KCRA general manager Elliott Troshinsky. “These are challenging economic times and we needed to scale our business accordingly.”

“Staff reductions” eh? “Challenging economic times”? Why didn’t you say so. Well, who is going to pick up the weather reporting slack in Julie’s absence? You know, cause times is tough all over in case you haven’t heard.

Wait, what’s this? Hello, Byron Miranda, what’s going on? What are you doing here? Oh, you were recently hired to forecast the weather at KCRA? How odd. They just recently reduced staff, you know…I did catch him on his first day when he made a joking reference to his ex-wife. Make yourself at home, BM.

Good luck, Julie. Hope the blogging thing works out for you. Let us know if you need any help.

Audition Notice: Channel your inner-Liza


Just got this news over the ‘Wire’ that Runaway Stage Productions is still looking for a few good men and women for their upcoming production of “Cabaret” (now in rehearsals).

Performances are 2/29 (that’s a Leap Year Day!) thru 3/23, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of taking in a Runaway Stage production, let me assure you that from a community theater perspective- they are top-notch. Far and away, they are one of the best local theaters in the Sacramento area- and totally cleaned house at last year’s Elly Awards for their production of “Chicago.”

An Absolutely FABULOUS Press Release after the break

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Peet’s is hiring

You may have noticed that there is a new Peet’s Coffee & Tea going in at 37th and J Street. We “Peetniks” couldn’t be more thrilled with this news. For those of you looking for some additional cash this holiday season, they are currently hiring. While we missed the job fairs dates, you may still submit your resume to

UPDATE: I clearly do not get around much anymore as I’ve been informed that there is another new Peet’s on 20th & J Street (also hiring). I’ll do some more research as it can’t be just a coincidence that both new J street locations are conveniently located right next to a Starbucks. Coffee Wars?

UPDATE II: Ok, so it’s official, Peet’s is moving forward with their attempt at world (er, Sacramento) coffee domination.  Another store is going up on Howe & Hallmark.  Anyone notice the timing with the increase in new stores and the death of Alfred Peet?

Fadipe out at CBS13

Charlotte FadipeSam McManis blogs today that CBS13’s Charlotte Fadipe will be leaving the station at the end of the month. Those of us who enjoyed her lilting accent will miss her. Some background on Fadipe, which is also on her bio page but I never really heard before:

A former British Broadcasting Company (BBC) reporter who was educated at Oxford and earned a master’s degree in communication at UC Berkeley…

Wow, no offense to Charlotte, but how did she get stuck at CBS13? I guess she’s a holdover from before the Sam and Pallas era began. And what a dark day that was

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Imus have said something bad

By now many of you have heard of controversy that nationally syndicated (and future former) radio host Don Imus has put himself in:

The drama started when Imus referred to the Rutgers University women’s basketball team as a group of “nappy-headed hos.” The remarks were a seemingly off-the-cuff reference to the squad, which had just lost the annual NCAA women’s national championship, but Imus’ insensitivity to a group of college athletes who were coming off a remarkable season aroused public ire that seemed to increase with each passing day.

Interestingly (and why I’m writing about it here, of course), it turns out that Imus used to work as a radio host in Sacramento:

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News 10’s Sharon Ito will be leaving “News 10 Good Morning” on March 23. She will be replaced by Kelly Jackson from KSDK in St. Louis.

Kelly is replacing Sharon Ito, who is championing a new initiative on Sharon is currently developing a new approach to news that will engage and inform internet news users.

I wonder if part of that “new approach” is to proofread stories before publishing (or after even, I’m flexible). At any rate, I’m all for making the news we receive via the Internet engaging and informative. Trail blaze, Sharon, trail blaze!

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Looking for Snoopy?

Spike, Snoopy's brother from Needles, CADon’t check the Bee’s comics page. Today is the day that The Bee pulls the plug on the Sunday Peanuts strip. Say it with me: Good grief! Along with your Sunday dose of Charlie and gang, say goodbye to “Frank & Ernest,” “Rose Is Rose,” “B.C.” and “Family Circus.” More tragically, if you’re a fan, say goodbye forever to “Mother Goose and Grimm,” which has been running only Sundays for a while and is now gone altogether.

If Sunday just isn’t the same without a 40 year old Peanuts rerun, remember that the Official Peanuts Website has a daily strip. Mike Peters, creator of “Mother Goose,” (which I actually kind of enjoyed) has a web page but as of Saturday morning it seems not to be working.

Memo to the Bee’s comics dept.: Don’t mess with my Dilbert.