Flash 92.1 goes Oldies

It’s not all bad news for Sacramento radio fans… Over the weekend I noticed that Flash 92.1 has undergone a rebirth and is now K-HITS 92.1, Sacramento’s Cool Oldies, filling a gap I had noticed previously. Those of you who are reading this thinking that 92.1 was “Jack” are thinking of “Bob,” which was at 92.1 way back a few months ago before it changed to Flash and then to K-HITS.

Kids: Do not plan to go into the radio industry.

Author: CoolDMZ

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5 thoughts on “Flash 92.1 goes Oldies”

  1. hi i cant belive it! all my favorite stations are gone! first colors 92.7 changed to bobfm then i found mix 99.3 they changed to hank fm and now flash changing to oldies! and i like 107.9 the end but that might shut down because of the big mishap!


  2. What happened to 92.1 Flash “best of the 80’s” in Sacramento. I went on vacation and when I came back IT WAS GONE! There is some other oldie station in it’s place.

    The new station basically SUCKS, that’s why I am emailing you. Do you know where it went. I do not plan on listening to what’s there now. A lot of people probably are very disappointed!




  3. I think 92.1 rocks!! The music makes me happy everyday and although I’ve never gotten through on the commuter quiz, I love listening. Thanks for all you do to make me happy no matter how my day has gone!!!


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