“Rise Guys” leaving for SF with Don G move, new show for Carmichael Dave

I had heard on the Twittersphere that Don Geronimo would moving to mornings, and that Carmichael Dave would now have his own show. But what I didn’t hear is that the reason for the shakeup is that the Rise Guys are leaving town! (sans The Phantom) The article mentions the 12 years Whitey and The Phantom have hosted on KHTK, but I thought they had been around much longer. Help me out, how long has it been really? I’d look it up but their page on CBSSac is gone already and Wikipedia doesn’t have anything. Am I thinking of something else?

I don’t think about them much these days, though they are on my morning commute from time to time. I’m no prude, but I don’t dig on gross “in your face” morning shows or put down comedy, though I do acknowledge that Don G puts together a fun show. I am bummed this morning to see that there will be no more Rise Guys!

UPDATE Thanks to Scupper for helping me pinpoint the Rise Guys history. I don’t know why more people aren’t mentioning this today. They have been on Sac radio for more than 20 years probably! Maybe close to 30?

I vividly remember their “You Can’t Win” trivia contest with super hard questions. Radio is the best.

UPDATE 2 @DonGeronimoShow Tweeted me to confirm he will be leaving Good Day Sac.

No hoodies for young men

The movement to rid the world of hoodies took another step forward recently according to an article on news10.net regarding a proposed dress code for patrons of Regional Transit.

“It can be intimidating sometimes when people are wearing hoodies,” Hammond said. “We need to create a friendlier atmosphere for everyone riding.”

The snark opportunities here are endless. Bonus points for working in a reference to the new 100.5 radio station tag line

More radio retreading in Sacramento

Radio station 100.5 The Zone has been made over as Now 100.5.

CBS Radio has relaunched Hot AC “100.5 The Zone” KZZO Sacramento as Adult CHR “Now 100.5″ playing “Today’s Best Hits Without The Rap” at noon today.

“Without the Rap.” Love it.

The first hour consisted of:
Daughtry – What About Now, Nickelback – This Afternoon, Lady Gaga – Bad Romance, The Script – Breakeven, Train – Calling All Angels, Pink – Who Knew, Bon Jovi – Who Says You Can’t Go Home, Ke$ha – Your Love Is My Drug, 3 Doors Down – Kryptonite, Shinedown – Second Chance, Uncle Kracker – Smile, David Cook – Light On, Kings Of Leon – Sex On Fire, Kris Allen – The Truth, Theory Of A Deadman – Not Meant To Be, Adam Lambert – Whataya Want From Me, Daughtry – Home, John Mayer – Heartbreak Warfare

Taking a real chance, huh?

Don Geronimo to return to Sacramento airwaves

Thanks to reader Stephanie for the tip, as we learned today via the Twitter pages that Don Geronimo of the Don & Mike Show fame will return to KHTK on June 21st. This presumably means the end of the Jim Kozimor show.

To start, I’ll do 3 wks a month from an OC studio, 1 week a month from Sac-town. Plans are to relocate to Sac eventually. A new home!

I still have the mp3 of his first show back after the tragic death of his wife, Freda, in 2005. Powerful stuff.

Welcome back to Sacramento, Don!

Now playing: Radio 94.7

Kicking the music scene up a notch since 1979

A new player entered the crowded field of crappy music on the radio dial today as RADIO 94.7 launched at noon on the air and online.

RADIO 94.7 features music from artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay, Green Day, U2, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Sublime, Nirvana, Linkin Park, Weezer and Stone Temple Pilots along with music from new bands like Muse, The Killers, Train, Kings of Leon and many, many others.

Many others, you say?


KSSU destroys at CMJ!

KSSU takes Station of the Year at 2009 College Music Journal awards!

The College Music Journal is one of the largest and most influential publications for the college radio industry. Seattle’s KEXP has won Station of the Year honors since the inception of their annual awards… until this year.

The hard work and keen ears of Sac State’s student run station KSSU was recognized with twelve nominations in major award categories. This year, KSSU defeated other stations that have paid professional staff, a larger audience and better funding with their tireless dedication to music and to our community. You should reward their efforts by tuning in and getting a taste of Sacramento’s only source for alternative radio.

2009 CMJ Awards for KSSU
Station of the Year
Music Director of the Year – Suzie Kuo
Biggest Community Resource
Best Use of Limited Resources
Best Student-Run Station

The End contest sponsored by … water

Frequent fun guy Radio Matthew emails to point out that 107.9 The End’s new star search contest to find a local singer who’ll open this year’s Jingle Ball concert is sponsored by Vitamin Water Glaceau. From the press release:

107.9 The End is teaming up with Vitamin Water 10 and the Westfield Galleria at Roseville to host an event to see who will open the show! Sacramento has a ton of talented singers, and we’ll find out who will open the upcoming Jingleball concert!

Might want to avoid having people think of “water” and “107.9 The End” in the same sentence. (BTW, Vitamin Water is a product put out by Glaceau, who is a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Company.)

You can sign up on The End’s Web site to get preauthorized to audition on Sunday, October 25 at noon. I’ll let the peanut gallery suggest other things you might want to think about before you enter a contest with The End 107.9

Radio contest death trial starts today

Jury selection begins today in the trial to determine whether Entercom, the radio giant who owns 107.9 The End (and 98 Rock, and 96.9 The Eagle, and KSSJ, and 106.5, and AM 1320…) is responsible for the death of Jennifer Strange during a radio contest in 2007, which of course I blogged about back then. Since I really haven’t thought about it much since then, I still feel pretty much the same as I did back then: I still maintain that “personal responsibility” doesn’t protect a company asking people to abandon their common sense. I’d rather err on the side of protecting people who should know better than protecting organizations without a discernible conscience.

I also hope as a side effect of this trial that somehow NBC will be forced to stop airing “America’s Got Talent” — hey, I’m no expert, it’s up to the lawyers to figure out how to make that happen.

The Koz is Back

jim-kozimor-96eGood news/bad news:

Good news first. Jim Kozimor, beloved sports announcing personality here in Sacramento, has gotten a chance at a second go-around with KHTK 1140. His new show, starting today, will air weekdays from 12-4 and will undoubtedly feature Kozimor’s candor, humor, and boyish good looks. Most of Sacramento was sad to see Kozimor laid off from the Maloof Sports and Entertainment broadcast team, and is happy to see Koz back on the air. While there’s no official name yet for the new Kozimor show, we at the ‘Rag suggest the following: “The Offical Report of Koz-ickstan,” or “The Kozy Korner”, or “The Sunshine Happy Goodtime Hour.”

Bad news. One of the reasons that this opportunity opened up in the first place is that the Mike O’Meara show, formerly the Don & Mike show, has been dropped from the Washington station from which O’Meara broadcasts. Many of us were devout listeners to the rowdy, smart, and media-centric show out of D.C. and will be sad to see it go, probably for good.

Request to radio traffic reporters

As I’m driving around, slightly zoned out (but not so zoned out to be a danger to myself or society), the traffic reports are usually the same, so I don’t pay too much attention.

There are, however, instances where a reporter will give information on a major accident or hazard that is sure to clog up the roads for some time, and the reporter rarely repeats where this incident is located. He or she will just say, “So stay clear of THAT area!” and move on with the rest of the scoop from the (insert sponsor’s name here) traffic center.

All I ask is that they simply wrap it up by saying, “Again, that’s on northbound Watt near Folsom” or wherever the incident is.  I find myself having a DVR reflex, like I’m reaching for a phantom remote to hit the back-up-15-seconds button to hear the location. Alas, there is no such technology in my rig.

Am I just being picky?