San Francisco mayor in you-know-what scandal

Gavin Newsom, creep

I don’t think we want to be in his shadow anymore…

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom issued an apology Thursday following reports that he had an affair between his former assistant, the wife of his campaign manager, who resigned earlier this week.

Via NBC San Diego. An affair between? Please! Just the basic facts are enough!

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14 thoughts on “San Francisco mayor in you-know-what scandal”

  1. When I heard the story, all I could think was “Gavin Newsom is very good-looking.” What’s really important for any politician is whether the politician is doing what’s best for the poeple. Is the mayor doing something to help the homeless… what about better public transportation.. crime…


  2. Honestly, does this even apply to his mayorship? I don’t think the people of San Francisco are going to lose faith in their mayor because he slept with a married woman during his own divorce proceedings.

    I could frankly care less.


  3. He had an affair with his secretary. I know that people are generally split on extramarital affairs of politicians, but personally I think that is an abuse of his power. People get fired aaaaall the time for fooling around with subordinates.


  4. And what about the purported “guy code” and having this woman be his trusted confidant’s wife?

    If he’s going to betray those closest to him, how trustworthy is he going to be among strangers?


  5. 1. Let’s try also placing some blame on the married one in the situation…

    2. So he is failing in his personal choices – but the city is doing great. I say we keep him.

    3. Bill Clinton – large surplus of money, country flourishing – so he had a bad personal choice – I didn’t elect him to be my moral compass.

    4. Bush – HUGE deficit that my great grandchildren will be paying off – not so bright – but faithful to Laura.

    I will take those that make good choices for their constituents and leave their bedroom practices to them.


  6. as long as he’s not running late for meetings and bills are being paid on time and what-have-you he can screw horses for all i care. let’s be grown up about the whole thing and admit to ourselves for once in our meager lives that sex is just sex. it’s no a reflection on personalities, taste, or even moral standing. ladies if a guy says i love you during sex and you belive it…well, then i love you too and i live at….


  7. What about the fact that he betrayed the trust of his friends. Of course he’d never do that to his constituents, but I would never hang out with a guy like that.


  8. running late for meetings is worse than having an affair with a married woman who happens to work directly beneath him? well, logic is just logic…



    Or, let the voters of SF decide what they want to do. After all, he is their mayor.

    He could save his career though, by declaring war on Lodi on some baseless pretense.


  10. even if the voters of SF declare that they want Newsom to have Prima Nocte, which they have proposed on a number of occasions, i can still decide that sexxing up someone whose job depends on your goodwill is wrong, can’t i? no voter mandate can take that away from me.

    also there are so many reasons to declare war on Lodi that i can’t even begin.


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