Dog’s best friend he’s not

More in The Bee on the problems dogging Ron Artest:

Ron Artest says he loves dogs, but the Kings basketball star has a string of complaints on record in Placer County for failure to care for his own pets and letting them roam loose.

Since July, his four dogs have spent a total of 77 nights at the pound — at a cost to their master of $1,942 in boarding and impound fees.

One of his dogs got out and never returned, another was hit by a car, and yet another was killed in his yard. Artest admits his dogs have aggression issues, but suggests a wild animal killed the dog. Other complaints noted the dogs tied up without food or water. (Incidentally, tethering dogs for extended periods is now illegal in California, in part because animal behavior experts say the practice makes the animals more likely to attack.)

He says he has hired someone to help, but I gotta think the better thing would be to give them all up for adoption to the Placer SPCA., along with a big donation. They’ll find people who do more than claim to care about animals, as King Ron does.

Hey Ron, do the right thing, will ya? Being a dog dad is clearly not your calling.

5 thoughts on “Dog’s best friend he’s not”

  1. I don’t think I like the new leashing law. What I’m worried about is that this does nothing to curb the number of dangerous dogs out there. So now if your creepy pit-bull keeping neighbor follows the law and lets Rex run free, and you happen to pass by with your children in their stroller, and Rex’s fence happens to give way…


  2. I’m ALL about getting dangerous dogs out of our neighborhoods, believe me. But study after study shows that chaining actually *creates* dangerous dogs. They learn to be aggressive and territorial.

    Seems logical you’d rather have a dangerous dog on a chain, but in fact chains break and then you have a loose dog who’s aggressive and nuts on the prowl. If the dog had never been chained, he might not have learned to be dangerous.

    Besides, most children are bitten by the animals they know — typically unneutered, unsocialized, chained back yard dogs.

    Making people (like Ron Artest) care for dogs properly makes dogs safer for all.


  3. Good point, DMZ. I once thought Artest was a lot more intelligent than he comes across as. I don’t really believe that any longer.


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