Rules of Endangerment

This Ron Artest animal cruelty (allegedly) thing keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. reported over the weekend that Ron “is no stranger to controversy over the treatment of his jobs” (seriously,, do you even read your own stories?).

As for Artest’s dog “Socks”, CBS13’s Rafer Weigel reports that the dog is still very thing, but vets do expect the dog to make a full recovery.

Meaning the dog has a lot of long hair covering its eyes? And it walks around with a derby on? Oh wait, that was Cousin It, huh? At any rate, you get my point. When we at the Sac Rag publish a post we are immediately hammered with emails pointing out each typo or grammatical error. But I digress…

It appears that Ron Artest’s neighborhood association adopted new rules over the weekend.

It’s one of dozens of new rules the neighborhood association adopted over the weekend.

Well, Sacramento, you haven’t made us laugh in a long time. How’s-a-bout you let us know what other new rules you think they adopted over the weekend.

Author: RonTopofIt

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10 thoughts on “Rules of Endangerment”

  1. i think “it’s still very thing” means that if you put some of its blood in a petri dish it will scream and jump off the dish and infect you with a morphing space alien thing. funny, Kurt Russel seems like the kind of guy who would already have a Sacramento connection.


  2. A few months ago, I was in a large roundtable-type discussion at the Sacramento Bee with some of their executives. The subject of online news came up, so I asked their VP of Marketing if they care about typos when posting breaking news stories online. His response was that it’s more important for them to post a story more quickly than any other news outlet, rather than have it written properly. This seems to be true for all of these online news sources, and it doesn’t say too much for journalistic integrity.

    “Poor grammar makes me [sic]!”


  3. For the record, my beef wasn’t that quickly published news stories had typographical or grammatical errors, but rather was that these errors often remain days and weeks later.

    Oh, and apparently no one but “B-Boy” was interested in making us laugh (great one, btw, b-boy).

    I’m taking my ball o’ humor and going home…


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