Central city alleys to get street names

After a five year (!) process, the alleys in the central city are finally going to get street names (whats going on withthat URL?)

City officials are beginning to develop the grid’s alleys and hope to one day have cafes, housing and shops lining some of the corridors

But again, just naming them took 5 years, so don’t hold your breath.

The names will reference different aspects of our city’s history and character, like Jazz Alley, Solons Alley, and Dorothea Puente Alley. (That last one might not be real.) The alley between I and J will be named Improv Alley either after the city’s strong improv comedy scene, or as its status as the birthplace of Wayne Brady. (Also made up.)

Anybody got some alternative names that were not considered, but have comedic value?

NYTimes’s grim view of housing market

The housing market has a good local angle, so I don’t think it’s out of place to point out this accidentally terrible page design in none other than the New York Times today:

These guys are so picky! Don’t they know that even only-partially-destroyed homes are getting snatched up fast these days? You want walls and doors you really have to go out of your price range anymore.

RIP, wandering emu

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy
How about this emu next
Creative Commons License photo credit: Vanessa Lynn.

Slow blog week, so let’s go ahead and talk about the poor “dispatched” emu. News10 (which is one of several news organizations which may or may not have run this same story at different times some of which may have been earlier than the posted time on the article on News10) reports:

SACRAMENTO, CA – CHP officials said despite attempts to chase, trap — even use a Taser — to subdue a stubborn loose emu, officers were ultimately forced to kill the wayward bird when the animal seemed determined to run into traffic on Interstate 5 near Sacramento International Airport Tuesday afternoon.

An important tidbit for would-be criminals is found further down on the page:

[T]he emu’s thick layer of feathers left the bird feeling little to no effect from the Tasers despite three separate jolts

Make us laugh, Sac Raggers…

Weekend Thoughts: Holiday Road

The other night I fell asleep with the TV on. I had this odd dream about National Lampoon’s Vacation and the John Candy Wally World scene. Very strange. I woke up around 3 a.m. and turned the TV off. I got to thinking about it in the morning and discovered why I was having that dream (or least partly why) …

Man, that’s catchy.

For additional entertainment be sure to check out Rashida Jones singing the “I Love Stuffing” song. Or at hulu.com. She is great. You may remember her in the “Prop 8: The Musical” video featuring Sacramento Community College.

A random post about a dream I had to a Sacramento connection in 8.6 seconds. A new record!

Thursday afternoon headline comedy

I know this is not necessarily a laughing matter but I can’t help, well, chuckling a bit whenever a headline has the word “sickened” being used for its literal meaning:

1 Sickened By Odor In Rancho Cordova Building (KCRA)

Are investigators considering the person who tipped them off as a person of interest, on the legal theory of He who smelt it, dealt it?