Good luck, Russ

Tower Records, R.I.P.Few businesses in the history of capitalism blew as badly as Tower Records. The Sacramento-founded and West Sacramento-based company went from having must-shop stores in Hollywood, Tokyo and Manhattan to being the current generation’s edition of a buggy-whip manufacturer.

The Bee is reporting that Tower Records founder and Sacramento-area legend Russ Solomon has signed a lease for the former TR site on Broadway, with plans to open a … um … would it still be called a “record” store? For the history-minded, that location would be right across the street from where it all began, in the corner of the Solomon family’s Tower Drugs.

Fergoshsakes, Russ, you’re 81 years old. Why don’t you open an iTunes account like the rest of the world and enjoy your retirement? Still, gotta admire the spirit and wish him the best.

As an aside … isn’t it strange that after all those years Tower didn’t own that property? The family that does has also leased the Tower Books site, to the Avid Reader.

3 thoughts on “Good luck, Russ”

  1. He has a loyal following and people will love to have an outlet to visit. Good luck to him. I was sorry to see Tower go down. My whole life, Tower Records made me feel like there was a place to go. In Europe, N.Y., S.F., where ever I lived and felt like a stranger.


  2. I hope when I am 81 I still have the drive and spirit that Russ has. I lived in Sac for 35 years and grew up in Tower stores. The above comment is a good one. When I was in a new town finding Tower made me feel at home. All the best to Russ and God bless the man and his dreams.
    Keep those “record stores” (AND THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE!) alive! Might shoot for more realistic pricing to keep the customers coming back.


  3. i find it funny that while all the hubbub was in full swing the blame of his failure was rested on the internet and online music. so am i to presume now the internet has lived out its fad status. maybe this time he won’t hire a bunch of teen dick-heads to run the stores…they take the “help” right out of “can i help you?”


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