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I had occasion the other night to order food for pick up. It was a basic transaction. The bag of food was sitting on the counter with my name on the receipt. I waited for someone to greet me and when they did I pointed to my bag and said I was here to pick up a to go order. I handed over exact change (Runnergirl, wink wink) and said “Thank you.” As I got into my car I realized that I was “supposed” to tip in that situation…or was I?

So I ask you, whether it’s Domino’s pizza or California Pizza Kitchen, what’s the general rule on tipping with “to go” orders for pick up?  And, yes, Reservoir Dogs quotes are highly encouraged.

Author: RonTopofIt

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6 thoughts on “Here’s a tip”

  1. I never tip for take-out. Both Peggy Post (GD of Emily Post) and Oprah say it’s unnecessary. OMG I am, like, so much like Oprah!


  2. I guess it would depend on if you’re the type who tips counter service. Having been counter service myself, I usually tip a dollar or two.


  3. Are you, or do you plan on becoming a “regular”?

    If the answer is yes, then tip. If the answer is no, then don’t bother (exept the spare change)

    If you are a reglar you will be rewarded for tipping. Faster, better service etc.

    In other words. Tip if it serves your best interest.


  4. Being a manager of a restaurant with take out service, I recommend that a tip be left if the service warranted it. I feel that if the service at the counter was friendly and helpful, a dollar or two be left, nothing outrageous. If the service went above and beyond, I feel that more can be left as a tip. Just as obdurate commented, if you plan to be a regular, it’s always encouraged. A good tipper is almost always recognized.


  5. In order to get your order ready the server, bartender or host must get disposables and package up everything you might need if you were not going home. It is not the same as attending to your every need for an entire evening but does take them away from their other tipping guests.
    While they do receive a minimum wage, the taxes taken out from claimed tips usually renders a paycheck to be zero in California.
    So a smaller percentage tip should be extended if the service warrants it.


  6. I tip based on the person on the phone…if they make ordering easy then i tip more, delivery or pick-up. but if i get grief then the tip goes way down..quickly. but while i may have the attention of some order takers, could i mayhaps ask a favor? i the interest of public safty and I.D. theft…maybe one shouldn’t repeat back to me my CC number in room full of patrons…especially that guy one time with a pad andpen.


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