Looking for Snoopy?

Spike, Snoopy's brother from Needles, CADon’t check the Bee’s comics page. Today is the day that The Bee pulls the plug on the Sunday Peanuts strip. Say it with me: Good grief! Along with your Sunday dose of Charlie and gang, say goodbye to “Frank & Ernest,” “Rose Is Rose,” “B.C.” and “Family Circus.” More tragically, if you’re a fan, say goodbye forever to “Mother Goose and Grimm,” which has been running only Sundays for a while and is now gone altogether.

If Sunday just isn’t the same without a 40 year old Peanuts rerun, remember that the Official Peanuts Website has a daily strip. Mike Peters, creator of “Mother Goose,” (which I actually kind of enjoyed) has a web page but as of Saturday morning it seems not to be working.

Memo to the Bee’s comics dept.: Don’t mess with my Dilbert.

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

14 thoughts on “Looking for Snoopy?”

  1. I’ve never read any comic strip as an adult, but I’m sure many appreciate your concern about Peanuts. I’ve never subscribed to a newspaper, although sometimes I buy the newspaper. I avoid buying the newspaper because I save interesting articles. Then I put the articles in file boxes but rarely look at them again. I do the best I can to avoid clutter, including paper clutter.

    I stay informed by reading the news online, watching the news on TV and listening to talk shows on the radio.


  2. If they are going to replace the Peanuts with something else, can I vote for bringing back Calvin & Hobbes? Although the image of Calvin has been ruined by many a rear window sticker, I still enjoy that comic.


  3. As much as it pains me, I can’t start my day without knowing what that Luann Degroot is up to. Will she live out her life pining for Aaron Hill? Will she ever tell Tiffany to step off? Whatever happened to her friend, Delta? Has Bernice crossed the line of being Luann’s moral compass to holding her back from truly LIVING? Why do I keep reading this comic strip?

    At least Luann’s life is more interesting than what Jeffy is doing, even when he draws Family Circus when cartoonist Bil Keane is on vacation.

    It saddened me when the Bee got rid of “Rhymes With Orange” since that is a smartly written strip. A few other cute ones of note are “Pearls Before Swine,” “Get Fuzzy,” and “Mutts.” Nothing will ever top “The Far Side” though, and the whole Peanuts gang and Ziggy will always have a warm spot in my heart (as I sit here in my Snoopy PJs.)

    (Now, I’m going to hit “submit comment” and pray that this comes up as me, Runnergirl, and not Sac-Eats since I don’t want anyone to think he’s as personally invested in the comic strips as I am or wears Snoopy PJs.)


  4. Peanuts, for me and me alone, it would seem, lost it completely about the time Schultz introduced Spike and Snoopy’s other brothers. Spike talking to a cactus for weeks at a time was sheer agony to watch. Then came the strip’s reruns – same agony, different decade! Well, finally, the corpse has stopped twitching. Next we need to roll ol’ Garfield’s bones out of the house. And bring back ‘Rhymes with Orange’.


  5. Pam, you’re totally right. Spike is akin to Cousin Oliver on the Brady Bunch or Scrappy Doo.

    Speaking of Garfield, whatever happened to Odie’s original owner? Didn’t he used to belong to a different character, then all of a sudden he became Jon Arbuckle’s? (Was the original owner Ron Artest?)


  6. GoodTime, I have the opposite problem. I found it a little creepy that the kids in For Better For Worse actually grew up and got facial hair and dated and disappeared in the bathroom with Dad’s playboys for hours on end. I prefer the perpetually young immortal world of traditional comics.


  7. Am I the only one bothered by the increasingly smaller font of the sunday funnies. Delete the entire Komix for Kidz page and print the comics the way they are supposed to be printed.

    Maybe I’m just turning into that crotchety old guy who loves irellevant comics like dick tracy. Maybe it’s time for bifocals.


  8. At least I can still take pride in the Sunday cartoonised achievements of my culture. Nothing makes the last day of the weekend seem a little brighter that realizing my people invented the peanut, or were appointed to lofty positions in government many years ago.


  9. Speak you of “Wee Pals” Turty Squip? Would you like us to nominate you as someone to profile in a future edition?

    Obdurate, I think your complaint of the smaller font of the Sunday comics is one of the reasons why the Bee did away with some of the classics — it was so the remaining comics would be a decent enough size to read so you don’t need to go get bifocals. And thank you for answering my question of “Who reads ‘Dick Tracy’?” (I can’t mock you for that, since I totally dissected “Luann” a few comments ago.)


  10. i always forget, i took a one-day cartooning class from Morrie Turner when i was 8 or 9 and really into cartooning. he was a local guy, right?


  11. So, just because turty squip is a minority, he’s supposed to get special treatment now? That shit is racial. Why don’t we just call him token and get it over with?

    I miss squirty tip.


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