Do you have to let it linger?

When referencing this year’s cold and flu season, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

This is truly the affliction that will not go away, and I’ve heard horror stories of people whose nasty cold has turned into pneumonia. It’s an insidious bug going around, one that will knock you out for days, have you hack up a lung every quarter hour, make your chest scream in pain, run a fever, make you dizzy — and once you start feeling better and resuming a fraction of your normal activities, it will come back in the ring to take another swing.

Bottom line? Rest up, my friends. If you’re sidelined by this, DO NOTHING or as little as possible. Clear your calendar. Fire up the electric blanket and settle down with your pet of choice and remote control. Keep hydrated, and stay classy.

9 thoughts on “Do you have to let it linger?”

  1. I’ve had this for a little over 2 weeks. I’t mostly gone but there’s a bit of a sinus infection still lingering. It started out as a cold and then a couple days later knocked me on my ass for about a week. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people who uses their sick time when they’re healthy so I only took like 2 days off and as a result have infected most of the staff here.

    Typhoid John


  2. “Do you have to let it linger?”…great song by the way!! For some people including myself and my lovely wife the product “Cold-Eze” (lozenges) really help. It’s the zinc. Some people really respond to zinc. Box of 63 at Costco is quite cheap and they are sold at most drugstores for a little more money than Costco.


  3. It’s in your head, makes you feel like a zombie.

    Cold-Eze is a good product, so is Airborne. You’re free to decide which you go with though.

    I guess there really is no need to argue about it. I just know that if you got it, I can’t be with you.


  4. You know I’m such a fool for you, Mucinex.

    I survived the “February Flu” with Mucinex, Emergen-C, Cold-Eze, Tylenol PM, and sugar-free Ricola — I trained myself how to sleep with a Ricola in my mouth, just a drop between the cheek and gum. If you’re a Robutussin fan (who isn’t?), get the expectorant type and not the suppressant. You need to let it all out, so don’t go blocking the gunk.

    There are also these Shower Soothers that you put next to your drain, then you “hot box” your bathroom so it gets all steamy, and the eucalyptus and menthol work wonders. That saline nasal spray is a life-saver, and I found relief standing next to our Rowenta clothes steamer (professional results at home AND a great humidifier!)

    Don’t forget to save your OTC receipts to submit for reimbursement from your flexible spending account!


  5. Where do you get those Shower Soothers?

    I’ve had so many friends get ill lately..with this ugly bug.

    I am still a chicken soup fiend when I don’t feel well.


  6. are those shower soothers medicated? They look like a good idea i’m suprised we havent seen them before…


  7. Just the menthol & eucalyptus — they work better in a smallerish shower stall with a door than in the tub shower deal.


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