Eat like a mob boss

Maybe I’m just too big a fan of “The Sopranos,” but when I noticed baked ziti on the menu board at Cafe Milazzo, I just had to go for it. I could just hear Carmella telling Tony, “there’s some ziti in the ‘fridge,” and him grunting in reply.(Small and weird aside: One of the characters in “The Sopranos” sports a version of one of the names in la mia familia. My cousins can’t decide whether to be happy or horrified at this.)

Or maybe it wasn’t “The Sopranos” at all, but me just jonesing for the way Nonna used to make it. And the ziti? Perfect, with lots of gooey Mozarella and a tangy tomato bite. Better than Nonna’s, really, but probably not better than Carmella’s.

4 thoughts on “Eat like a mob boss”

  1. Ok you have hit on sore spot..not the TV show but Milazso’s. My dislike stems from an evening when my pregnant wife and I went there for dinner. She was asked to move chair in at least 5 times by the staff and asked to get up so new people can get by at least 3 times. If you do not have enough room for customers make them wait.


  2. I am not basuraman’s wife but had a similiar experience there while pregnant. It was at lunch with a girlfriend and I was asked to scoot my seat twice so people could get by. Now, I was eight months pregnant but I only weighed about 125 lbs and you can’t tell me that is enough to cause a problem in a normal restaurant. It was embarrassing though.


  3. Sounds as if the folks at CM could use some sensitivity training! Still, I bet they wouldn’t ask Tony Soprano to move.


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