SNR website revamped; Mayor admits railyard purchase misstep

I’m getting a little behind here, working on launching a new website called BLUE MAG, an entertainment wing to my online mansion. Enjoy…

So a completely new look for the News & Review website. I think aspects of it are very attractive but it seems to me to be way too busy.

A great railyard story in last week’s issue as well. Mayor Fargo thinks that Thomas Enterprises didn’t bargain hard enough to get Union Pacific to move the tracks to accomodate the new infrastructure.

“Union Pacific should have moved their tracks. They could have done it. It would have been easy. … It’s a little bit of a sore subject, because we had hoped that our partners in all of this would be stepping up a little more, but the reality is, we wanted to get this done badly.”

So had we, Heather.

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11 thoughts on “SNR website revamped; Mayor admits railyard purchase misstep”

  1. Why does UP have to move the track for the new SN&R website infrastructure? This is gonna be SOME website!


  2. the new SNR site is going to be all about old timey transportation. they’re going to sponsor an annual all “giant front wheel” bike-a-thon and everything, it’s going to be swell, mister!!


  3. it looks like the BBC and NYTime websites had a Tourette’s baby.

    –no offense to those with Tourette’s


  4. How did the Cylons make Starbuck punch out like that? Do you think they planted something in her brain when she was in captivity on New Caprica? Why did RDM try to make us think that she was one of “the final five”?

    One of the best episodes ever!


  5. Nice spoiler obdurate. 😉

    But seriously. Wow. That was an episode.

    But c’mon, I’d have to be even more dense than I already am to believe they really got rid of SB for good.


  6. SB is being tortured on a Cylon base-star. We probably won’t see her again until season 4 episode 2. She’ll be so mind frakked that she’ll think that she’s a cylon and she’ll be boning the psycho cylon guy.


  7. And Daniel will remember his time with the Ascended beings- he will use those memories to defeat the Ori by introducing a virus into the Cylon collective mother ship. The Ori will then be under the control of Captin Kirk, who will use them to deafet the Republic and Emperor once and for all (but what about the last Alien, seen slowly drifting away underwater…)


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