Jackpot’s..err..I mean..Didley Squat’s Gear Stolen by Thieving Dicks!!

(Author’s Correction – The gear did not belong to Jackpot, but to their friends Didley Squat, and Jackpot helped pass along the alert.  I stand by the accuracy of the “Thieving Dicks” part, unless the brigands are revealed to be ladies.  In that case, I will issue a correction to “Thieving Cunts”. – Stickie)

This always pisses me off. Musicians and other artists have a tough life, and I can’t think of anything more professionally devastating than having your gear ganked by some fucking fuckity fuck fuck.

Local faves Jackpot have issued an alert. Please keep an eye out….

$2,000 Reward for the return of stolen goods
No Questions Asked

Last night, Friday March 9th, at 9:15 PM, various pieces of recording equipment, instruments, and laptops were stolen from a vehicle at the intersections of J St. and 48th St. We request the help in recovering these valued items in exchange for $2,000 – No questions asked.
The recovery of these items is extremely important as they have high sentimental value to us. We have no hesitation in exchanging the items for cash.

Stuart Nishiyama

Melody Mundy

Matt Wrenne

12 thoughts on “Jackpot’s..err..I mean..Didley Squat’s Gear Stolen by Thieving Dicks!!”

  1. Yes, I saw that floating around Myspace a couple of days ago (good thing I’m not in school, my grades would blow). It’s pretty tragic, and you’ve got to wonder what musician buys musican instruments out of the back of someone’s van.

    The music community here is pretty damn small and it sounds like those instruments were loved. Hopefully the douche gets caught.


  2. Wasn’t that Didley Squat who got their stuff jacked? Not that it matters which band. It’s always terrible when a band gets ripped off.


  3. Kevin –
    Was it? I got this from a source whom I would consider “unreliable”. In fact, his nickname is 40%, as that is his accuracy rating. I was wondering why Rusty was missing two violas…and also wondering how one would play two violas at once, but that’s just me…

    Ob, you can have “The Thieving Dicks”, as my band name will be “The Crappy Assholes”.


  4. List of Stolen Goods:
    Neve Portico (w/ case)
    Dual Compressor, Tape Emulator
    Viola (w/ 2 bows)
    – Dark Russet Brown Varnish, 15 ¼
    – Maker’s Label : Prokop, Date: 1905
    – Case Description: skinny, heavy, black nylon
    Millenia Dual Mic Pre (w/ case)
    Violin (w/ 2 bows)
    – Brownish – tan oil varnish
    – High modeling (the arch of the top),
    – large open pronounced grain, made of spruce
    – No maker name, recently appraised, as a 19th century German-make
    – Case Description: black, nylon, light
    2 Laptops (with cases and accessories)
    Macbook 15″ 2.0 Gig, 60 GB
    Powerbook 12″ 60 GB (Silver)
    Leather Wallet (black)
    -2 Check Cards
    -Driver’s License
    -Many valued pictures, etc


  5. Grrr. Thieves are scum, Musical thieves are getting themselves more bad karma than they can handle.

    I hope that the victims had serial numbers, when applicable. Thieves are not generally too bright, and many an instrument thief has been caught at the pawn shop (or in one notable case, trying to sell instruments stolen within Eugene to the University of Oregon. Now *that’s* really bright…)


  6. As far as I’m concerned, this kind of thing happens far too often. I’ve had gear stolen from my car twice, and the second time, within a week, the guy who played guitar in my band got his car broken into and his amp stolen.

    There’s also the famous story from 2005 when Tim Foster and Liv Mo got their place broken into while they were in Europe.

    I’ve even had my car broken into a third time, but that time, there was nothing to steal, so they took my gym bag. Sure, I lost a pair of running shoes that weren’t new, but not in bad shape, a portable CD player that skipped tracks as often as played them, some smelly underpants, a sweat-soaked pair of shorts and tee shirt, an empty aquafina bottle, and one sock.

    I wonder how much crack that can buy you.

    All I know is that my insurance didn’t cover it, and they decided to break the lil window on the back door, the one that seems to serve no purpose other than to cost more money than the windsheild would to replace.

    Anyway, I saw a flier for this late last week. That really sucks. I’m all for the death penalty for people who steal musical equipment.


  7. I am forced to make another correction:

    The items in question were not in fact the property of Didley Squat, but rather friends of Didley Squat. Stuart Nishiyama, keyboard of the DS, did lose a laptop and some assorted papers/wallet, but the actual musical instruments were the property of engineer friend Matt Wrenne and musician Melody Mundy. Not that this information belittles the loss of the equipment, but the theft was only vaguely related to Didley Squat.


  8. It turns out that nothing was actually stolen. The rightful owners just dropped by the home in question and got their stuff back. It’s all a misunderstanding.
    (not really)


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