The Temporary End of the World: Peet’s Closing

Newsflash:  The Lyon’s Village Peet’s coffee will soon be closing for a major remodel.  Dates and times have not yet been fixed but you can already hear the Country Day moms shrieking with fear.  I join you, CD moms.  What will I do for the weeks that Peet’s will be closed?  Oh wait, I work a block away from their downtown establishment.  Alright, emergency passed, I’m ok.  But it’s still a shock and I’m not sure if the sky will ever be as blue again.

Thank you, Tenebrist, for the info and don’t go blabbin’ to Bob Shallit if you know what’s good for you.

13 thoughts on “The Temporary End of the World: Peet’s Closing”

  1. Both my wife and I salute you, FP, for the proper use of the plural possesive. It’s like family picnic day for the grammar police.


  2. I swear I’ve used plural possessive correctly before. I claim favoritism.

    Now maybe I’m just inciting panic, but didn’t you just mention in late January that the nearby Java City was closing its doors? We all laugh now, but it’s looking like we could have a full-blown coffee crisis if Peet’s is closing as well. Is there a coffee shop in the nearby Borders? Can Williams Sonoma handle the sudden demand for espresso machines?

    I can’t even imagine what I’d do if all Peets’ storefronts closed…

    okay, that was just a ploy to use plural possessive.


  3. If you just want a cuppa … go to Noah’s. Theirs is pretty good. I favor the Chelsea blend.


  4. Never fear, Kit, there are two, count them two, Starbucks locations within a mile…in the Safeway shopping center and Pavillions. I bet the shop on Arden and Watt is also close to a mile away as well.

    Plus, there is also the Peet’s clone (La Bocca) across the street that is probably just jumping for joy with this news.

    And Noah’s serves coffee, too. Man, when you start listing them like this you realize how tight the market is.


  5. Sorry FP. The coffe I’ve had at Noah’s all tastes like boiled bilge water from a tug in the East River. I have decided, therefore, that all Noah’s’ coffee is horribe. I’ll be dropping by La Bocca, I’ll let you all know how it is.


  6. La Boca (one “c” — in contrast to nearby Loehmann’s that has two of the letter “n” and similar to Pavilions that has but one “l” — this is worth pointing out since both shopping centers are mentioned frequently) makes some good sandwiches; although, they need to wipe their tables. I went there after the lunch rush, and the tables and floor were, like, grody to the max. I was the only customer in there at the time, but nobody made any effort to clean up the whole time I was there.

    Yes, Kit, we know that “La Boca” means “the mouth” in Spanish! 🙂


  7. Good clarifications, RG. Perhaps you can have Mr. Eats update his post from last year to remove the second “C” as well.

    As for Pavillions, I pulled that from the Starbucks site. Check it out.

    Notice how the store location name is listed with one “L” but the mailing address is listed with two.

    508 Pavillions Lane
    Sacramento, California 95825


  8. I shouldn’t transfer my grouchiness to all of you for minor typos. I blame the mood on the three (yes three, or “tres” if you are Kit) dimwits who nearly plowed me over while in Whole Foods because they were yapping away on their cell phones. Whole Foods has coffee too — and a gelato long have they had that?


  9. The source of the above information might want to remain anonymous, since he (or she) may get in trouble if his (or her) employer finds out. I’m just sayin’.


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