We Don’t Need Another Hero

What we need is more national attention in the media like in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Profiled on page 4 in the “Obsessive Fan of the Week” blurb is Lincoln resident Joe Ristau who has an entire room of his house dedicated to all things Tina Turner, including every CD, recordings of all her TV appearances, autographs, posters, trading cards, and cardboard cut-outs. There is no Ike in sight in the photo.

Yes, this is a pointless post; I was just excited to see Lincoln in my magazine. Yay for Joe the Tina Turner fan!

6 thoughts on “We Don’t Need Another Hero”

  1. Has anyone seen her lately? She looks FANTASTIC! Ahh, sorry, just remembered this isn’t a Tina Turner blog. But seriously, she is looking GOOD.


  2. please refrain from titling your posts after 80s songs because i’m never going to get this out of me.


  3. i second that. this song (unfortunately only its chorus) is bouncing around my head as well at this very moment. agh.

    i couldn’t even escape it by not reading the post–it showed up on my google homepage through the rss feed. :/


  4. OK, well I guess I’ll be putting the kibosh on my next post which was to be titled, “Here I go again on my own.” I had photos of Tawny Kitaen on the hood of a Jag and everything.


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