Survey Says…

You Peet’s regulars have surely noticed the sweet lady asking folks to fill out a survey while waiting in line at the Lyon Village location. She is offering a free cup of joe just for filling out the two page survey which mostly deals with demographics and coffee drinking patterns.

So, first and foremost, we love us a free anything here at the Sac Rag so head on down to Peet’s and hop in line.

Now, back to my point. Today I struck up a conversation with the gal. We discussed the Lyon Village location as well as the others in the area. Of course, this lead to our thoughts about a redesign. I freaked her out I am sure with my overly thought out plans for renovation as well as my opinion on the confusion that occurs from time to time when the coffee bean counter doubles as a coffee line which then forces the patrons to create a feeder line on the fly. This doesn’t always work out so well when everyone is not on board with the idea. She humored me and provided feedback. She also mentioned that some folks had suggested a line be created for just drip coffee orders and one for specialty drinks. If you are reading this survey lady, I apologize for my enthusiasm and references to sketches and blueprints I have available upon request.

My assumption is this has to do with the pending remodel first discussed on this here web log last month. You insiders care to chime in?

Author: RonTopofIt

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4 thoughts on “Survey Says…”

  1. Oooh..I love surveys. I love reading the results from surveys. Apparently this is not limited to the Sacramento area. We’re in Boston right now, and hubby found a Peet’s yesterday while I was in my meeting, and they are surveying as well. He can tell you more later on (not that there’s too much else to tell.)


  2. I thought you were out of town, RunnerGirl. A Peet’s post that goes without comment is unheard here.


  3. Yes indeed, how happy was I when a bright beacon of light shone down from the heavens and illuminated a Peet’s right off Harvard Square. I told the survey lady there (appearantly they only hire ladies to do this) that this surevey would be unfair as I went to Berkeley and therefore have an bit of an adopted hometown love affair with the establishment. I forgot that when you say “Berkeley” out here, they think you mean “Berklee” and figure you for some starving musician who will fill out anything for a free cup of coffee.
    Also, just to let you know, the coffee was just as good here on the east coast.
    Oh, and insiders report that rennovations for Lyon’s Village Peet’s have been put off until at least next year.


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